T432 Plus

T432 Plus


Do you have stubborn areas that just won't budge?

T432 is a non-stimulant weightloss catalyst which sees many women who have slow thyroids overcome their obstacles with targeting stubborn fatty areas. If you feel uncomfortable about and find it hard to lose fat from the areas under your chin and around your upper back, then chances are you may have a sluggish thyroid. ATP's T432 helps convert the T4 hormone to a more active T3 through natural medicine and all natural ingredients. If you have been hitting the gym hard and eating a healthy diet and see no changes, then T432 is for you!

  • Non-stimulant
  • Unique combination of superfoods, herbs and spices
  • Good for targeting back and neck areas

Contains 120 capsules

Stack with The Key and Shredtime RX

Combine T432 as part of the Metabolic Booster Stack

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