The Key

The Key


Serious about recovery? Vegan, coeliac or lactose intolerant? We have the Key! 

BPM Labs "The Key" is an active recovery supplement made from plants so you can help your muscles recover without needing whey protein. Contains BCAAs & EAAs 

  • Maintains muscle mass
  • 270% more efficient than whey when trying to lose weight
  • Hydrates during training sessions
  • Aids recovery after training
  • No bloating or digestive discomfort
  • No excess fat storage from over-consumption of protein
  • Less than 1 calorie per serve

Perfect for those wanting a change from protein shakes. Ask your self, what do you want? A protein shake or recovery?

Consult your doctor if you are unsure about any products.

Stack with Shredtime RX

90 serves (economically works out much cheaper than buying a regular protein powder too!)

+Add an Eat Run Lift shaker to your order+

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