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The 8 Week Challenge group program has helped thousands of women around the world begin a healthier lifestyle and work towards getting their goal bodies. 

We understand how hard it can be to keep yourself motivated, there can be questions when it comes to technique, and feelings of self-doubt if you don't think you're doing well enough.

Join the 8WTC group program to receive exclusive members-only content like recipes, workouts and tips, be eligible for giveaways to help you reach your goals, and discounts that you won't find anywhere else.

Besides being able to get a healthy lifestyle in place the 8WTC will connect you with other challengers who are following the same program as you and can help keep you motivated.


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Your challenge has helped me in so many ways though! It helped me begin exercising in ways where I can actually feel AND SEE difference. I am now more toned, fitter and stronger.
— Melissa, Melbourne

For someone who’s struggled so long with my weight, this challenge and the success at the end was what I needed to get back on track to being the best I can physically be! Thanks a billion
— Emma, Netherlands

I am really happy with the results I got, I am thankful! My way of thinking and looking about food has changed, now I live a better life
— Clarissa, Italy

Having my workouts for the weeks planned out, teamed with the guidance of what foods to gravitate toward and which to try and avoid made me feel the best I have EVER felt. I am strong, I am fit and I am healthy.
— Nicole, Melbourne

Usual chores around the house became a breeze. I remember thinking during the circuit sessions, "I can't do it anymore.. I'm just going to stop, I can't do this! It hurts!" But I didn't give up because I kept thinking about Rachel's results and the fact that she was going to school and working 2 jobs! Also seeing so many others working their butts off to achieve their goals. I pushed myself and finally saw results. If others can do it, why not me!
— Gabriela, California

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Do I need a gym membership? ⌄

No, you do not need a gym membership to take part in the 8 Week Transformation Challenge, you're able to work out from home if you wish. We recommend that you do have a mat to work out on, no other fitness equipment is needed unless you wish to add extra resistence. If you do want to get an extra kick out of your workouts all you will need is a skipping rope, medicine ball and kettle bell.

Is there a food plan? ⌄
The 8WTC does not include a set meal plan. We understand that everyone has different preferences (whether it's for taste or for ethical reasons), so we did not want to make a set menu which would exclude some people. Instead we will be providing you with recipes, and teaching you a healthier way to eat so that you can apply it within your own lifestyle.

How much support is provided? ⌄
Eat Run Lift will be providing email support throughout the whole 8 weeks, and can be contacted via email with any questions. Plus, we have our exclusive membership group where you can receive encouragement and support from other 8WT challengers!

How much exercise will I have to do? ⌄
The program starts off with 3 days a week training and eventually works it's way up to five. We recommend allocation 30-45 minutes for each exercise session.

What sort of exercise will I have to do? ⌄
In the 8 Week Transformation Challenge program you will be doing circuit training and high intensity interval training, as these sorts of exercises are going to get you some killer results in just 8 weeks.

Do I need to be in Australia? ⌄
Nope, you can be anywhere in the world to do the 8 Week Transformation Group Challenge!