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8WTC v2.0

Your new training program awaits you!

No gym required to take part in the 8WTC program.
Feel fitter, stronger, and sculpt your body with our
fat-melting workouts. 
All demonstrations included, and your training is
fully programmed for 8 weeks.

Simply download, and get started!

8WTC v2.0

Your Life

Not been able to get yourself motivated? Stuck in a plateau with your weight loss? Or need something to help kickstart your fitness regime? Then the 8 Week Transformation Challenge is for you. VERSION 2 AVAILABLE NOW.

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No Gym Needed

8WTC v2.0 is designed to take with you!
No gym is required, yet these body sculpting workouts will help you reach your next fitness goals.


✓ All workouts planned for you

✓ No equipment or gym required

✓ All exercise demonstrations included

✓ Builds itself up over the course of 8 weeks

✓ Plan specifically designed to getting you looking leaner and feeling fitter

✓ Kick your weight loss plateau or begin your fitness journey with the 8 Week Transformation

✓ Suitable for all fitness levels

✓ Also includes nutrition advice and recovery sections to help you achieve your best results yet!

8WTC v2.0

Easy to Follow

Does not having a routine to follow bug you? Find it hard to stay motivated when you're not sure exactly what to do? Well you won't have to worry about that with the 8 Week Transformation. Each week has all your workouts planned so you never have to worry about what you'll be doing when. And to make it even better, each workout is designed to take 30 minutes or less.