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Your Life

Not been able to get yourself motivated? Stuck in a plateau with your weight loss? Or need something to help kickstart your fitness regime? Then the 8 Week Transformation Challenge is for you.

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No Gym Needed

Do you travel a lot? Maybe you have young kids to tow around?
Still to shy for the gym? No worries, we've got your back!
The 8 Week Transformation is designed to fit your lifestyle.
The 8WT eGuide includes workouts for you to do on your own with no equipment.
With a friend, or, with equipment (medicine ball, kettle bell, & skipping rope) - all included in the one downloadable guide!

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"I was ~65kgs when I started and now I'm at 56kgs! Before I did the 8WTC I was already eating really healthy - no refined sugar, vegan, no alcohol, no smoking, limited gluten intake (once or twice a week) but I didn't really do any workouts to target areas, just cardio (I walk a minimum of 6-8km a day as I don't have a car and I jump on my giant trampoline a lot too haha). I started eating better in September last year when I was at 86kgs, since then I've basically lost 5kg a month since quitting refined sugar haha. It's insane! Your challenge has helped me in so many ways though! It has helped me begin exercising in ways where I can actually feel AND SEE a difference. I am now more toned, fitter and stronger. I used to collapse after a 20 second plank and now I can hit over a minute happily! I can also walk a lot faster without getting too puffed out after a few km! I still can't do a proper pushup, but I am getting there slowly! I can't wait!"



"Thank you to boss lady Rach and boss man Beau for giving me the tools and guidance to go from slug to jungle cat. You guys are awesome. Seriously. Having my workouts for the weeks planned out, teamed with the guidance of what foods to gravitate toward and which to try and avoid made me feel the best I have EVER felt. I am strong, I am fit and I am healthy. (And hell, if I can conquer mountain climbers and plank ups, I can conquer anything).



"First of all - thank you! As a kid and young adult I had always been very athletic and fit. I competed for Australia as a dancer and an Ice Figure Skater at a National level. However, at the beginning of 2013 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour which seriously affected my overall physical health and mental health. I had treatment through 2013 and had surgery in 2014. I have since been beating myself up about my very poor fitness level. My doctor told me a few months ago that I need to get back in shape because I need to give myself the best opportunity to recovery. After doing this 8 week challenge I am so proud of myself for learning to harness my frustrations into a positive attitude towards working out. I have lost 8kg and have gained a positive outlook! My general happiness and fitness have really improved - I work in a childcare centre and now I actually look forward to going to work and playing and running around with the children because I no longer feel 'puffed'. My body shape, fitness, happiness and even skin have all improved!!

Thank you so much for giving us ALL the tools we need to succeed. This is the first challenge I've ever done where I didn't skip a single work out. I will admit I let myself down by not always eating how I should but I am not disheartened because I know I have worked my butt off (my current goal is to stick to a good diet!) Once again thank you so much - I finally feel like 'me' again and I know I am going to smash through all my future fitness and health goals too!"



"Thank you and Beau so much for everything! for someone who's struggled so long with my weight, this challenge and the success at the end was what I needed to get back on track to being the best I can physically be! Thanks a billion."

Easy to Follow

Does not having a routine to follow bug you? Find it hard to stay motivated when you're not sure exactly what to do? Well you won't have to worry about that with the 8 Week Transformation. Each week has all your workouts planned so you never have to worry about what you'll be doing when. And to make it even better, each workout is designed to take 30 minutes or less.

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Get Real

✓ All workouts planned for you
✓ Designed to take less than 30 mins per day
✓ Starts off at 3 days a week, and builds itself up over the course of 8 weeks
✓ Plan specifically designed to getting you looking leaner and more toned
✓ Includes a mix of High Intensity Interval Training, circuit training, and conditioning
✓ Kick your weight loss plateau or begin your fitness journey with the 8 Week Transformation
✓ Suitable for all fitness levels
✓ Pick how you train: no equipment, with equipment (skipping rope, medicine ball, kettle bell), or with a friend



Suitable for all fitness levels, start off a new training program if you're a beginner, or add the 8 Week Transformation into your existing program if you want to kick things up a notch.
Suitable for men or women, aged 16 and over.
Includes images and instructions for every single exercise.

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