Beau Bressington
Personal Training Mentor

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Hi, my name’s Beau and I’m a twenty-nine year old personal trainer from Brisbane. Turns out a thing that brought Rachel and I together was our birthdays, realising we both had the same birthdate made us click on a connection more than just trainer and client. I’m contributing on this blog as someone who is able to express a diverse range of understanding of fitness and exercise. In other places the grey areas are barely covered and it leaves people second guessing what they need to do to achieve the bodies they want from training.

I graduated the Australian Institute of Fitness as a Master Trainer in 2008, top of my class due to my uber passion for health, fitness and self development. Upon finishing my Diploma I wasn’t satisfied with my knowledge, so I dug deeper into strength and conditioning, metabolic precision, supplementation and rehab.

I have struggled with my own health and fitness recently due to a condition called Fibromyalgia, which makes my body feel like I have a never-ending hangover, arthritis, depression, anxiety, pain everywhere, bowel disfunction and a loss of train of thou-oh look a deer… sorry thought. I was overweight, sad and felt gross. I HAD NO MOTIVATION. That was my job! I was a motivator.

After a lot of time and patience I developed a regime of physio, chiro, massage and a change of diet, which has lead me to my body today. I’m 16kgs lighter than I was 12 months ago, I’m happier, stronger and ready to kick some ass!!

My goal is to inspire people to do more than what they are currently doing with their lifestyle, fitness and health. 


Rachel Aust
Psychology & Nutrition Student

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I’m Rachel and I am a twenty-three year old jack-of-all-trades from Brisbane. I am currently studying two degrees, one degree in Psychology with a minor in Advanced Psychology and another degree in Nutritional Medicine. I also work as a freelance photographer shooting fashion, beauty, advertising campaigns and my personal favourite – food! All of the posts on this blog contain original content and are all produced in-house by Beau and I.

I believe that to get the body you want you have to not only exercise but also nourish your body properly. I endeavour to create recipes that are not only good for you but actually taste good as well. It is possible to eat healthy and still enjoy your food and I want to help prove that.