what's your body type?


Endomorphs usually have the appearance of being shorter or having shorter limbs and wider hips. This body type tends to hold on to a higher percentage of fat compared to the other two, and muscle mass can be developed quite quickly, many endomorphs find ease in weight training but great difficulty with cardio. Diet plays a large factor in the body composition of the endomorph. While the Get Lean endomorph plan is designed to enhance fat burning whilst also increasing strength, we do recommend having the Nutrition Guide on hand to help with meal planning.

Common term: Pear shaped


The mesomorph (in their prime condition) are usually hard-bodied, have the ability to maintain muscle mass, and keep a relatively low body fat percentage (though not as naturally low as an ectomorph). Typical features include broad shoulders, narrow waist and wide hips. Weight gain on a mesomorph tends to be evenly distributed, but the waist on females remains fairly narrow. The mesomorph Get Lean program combines the required amount of both conditioning and weight training to help the you achieve your peak condition. 

Common term: Hourglass


Imagine your typical runway model: long bones and limbs, narrow hips, and are often tall. The ectomorph usually finds it difficult to add fat and muscle, maintaining a relatively slim figure despite what they eat (we all seem to have at least one friend like this, who can eat whatever they want all day and still wake up the next morning with a flat stomach). A lack of training or healthy food can result in the ectomorph's figure appearing "skinny fat", or untoned. The Get Lean Ectomorph plan is designed to help build muscle tone without creating "bulk".

Common term: pencil frame / straight


Many people have traits that overlap between two body types. If you are stuck we have a quiz at the bottom of the page to help guide you towards which training plan will be the best fit with your body type and goals.