April vs September

I thought I would start off with an introductory post (..essay), just to tell you a little about me and how I've progressed so far. My name is Rachel Aust, and I am a twenty-two year old psychology & nutrition student from Brisbane, Australia.

Throughout my teen and early adult years my weight usually fluctuated, I would go through phases of a lot of exercise and get reasonably toned, and eventually just fall off track again and end up re-gaining all the weight I had worked so hard to lose. It came to my attention that the two elements that I could never really get right were my motivation and my food. In April 2014 a friend of mine dragged me along to see a personal trainer, Beau Bressington from Hyper Fitness, because he offered her a free session to see if she wanted to keep training. I reluctantly went along and ended up sticking with it, and still to this day train with Beau.

At first I was just plodding along with the training, only going twice a week, not really doing much else outside of that, because I just didn't feel the need to. I believe it only takes one thing to totally alter your thinking. For me, it was a customer I had on the phone at work a few months ago. He called up about the business he had with us and we ended up chatting for about forty minutes about our lives. He was mid-sixties and he had made it. He told me how he had come from a family with almost nothing and worked his way to what he was at now (very high priced home, a bunch of fancy cars, investment properties, healthy, and had what sounded like a great family). He then went on to tell me how fitness and health is a huge part of his life, he still goes to the gym nearly every day, and is always pushing to be his best. I had heard this saying so many times before, but for some reason, when he said it, it rang true. This complete stranger told me, "If you don't put anything in. You're not going to get anything back. If you work 70 hours a week you are going to move up the ladder. If you flog yourself in the gym you are going to get results. You want something? You go get it." It was then and there that I decided I needed to fully commit to my health and to my training if I wanted to feel the way that I wished. I already worked this hard to be sitting on high distinctions for my degrees, so why didn't I care about my health as much as I cared about two pieces of paper?

When I initially started training with Beau in the beginning of April I was just above 72kg (I am 5'8"), as of today, 5 months later, I am 63.5kg. I have lost centimetres from all over my body, the largest difference being my waist, 16cm. I train with him 3 days a week (2 weight sessions and a high intensity cardio session) and also exercise outside of that too. Yes, I am incredibly embarrassed about the photos of myself from April, not because I was a size 12, not because I wasn't toned, but because of how badly I was treating my body (and maybe a little because of the dumb post-training, no-makeup face). I used to eat vaguely healthy, but by the end of the day would "need" to eat something bad, and I was drinking alcohol almost every night of the week too. I used to say the alcohol was to "de-stress" (due to having a busy schedule, work and studying two degrees), I've now come to realise that was a really bad idea haha.

I decided to put this blog together so that I can share the knowledge I have built up about nutrition and maybe also make a positive impact on someone else's life, because I remember what it was like to not know what to eat for the best results, and to not feel bothered enough to exercise. It's something you can get through!!

You will predominately find food and food information here. I'm a uni student, so most of my recipes will be pretty cheap to put together haha. Every now and again Beau will also be putting together a workout-related post.