Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat.


Beau's story:

Ten years ago I started a career as a DJ and was performing in one of Brisbane's biggest clubs on a regular basis, partying every weekend, drugs, booze and everything else in between. Only recently have I put that lifestyle behind me to focus on my new passion: health and fitness. Trying to keep a balance between both careers was a hard task, yet I wonder how some people who party and manage to stay fit (when it's not their job) can do it.

The first problem I had was being a night owl. My sleeping patterns were so thrown out I could never get to sleep or wake up early. I purposely would not take client bookings before 11am purely because I wouldn't wake up before 9am… ever. These days I find it hard to stay up past 9pm, even on the weekend. I can't believe I'm a morning person now! I see a lot of my past colleagues going through the same problem. It's not about sleeping longer, it's about sleeping the correct amount of time.

Now, we all like to get white girl wasted every now and then, but I was doing this every weekend. If I wasn't partying hard I didn't feel like a fun, energetic person to be around in a club. We used to get a fairly large bar tab every night and I could say that more than a glass of port was consumed on a Friday night. I could pretty much kiss away any progress made with weight loss due to the amount of calories in my system. Even if you do drink vodka, lime and sodas and think you're being healthy the amount of calories that are in one millilitre of vodka is still pretty high! Not only do the calories sit there, but anything that you eat within the same period of drinking is not going to be efficiently burnt, there is a process in order of how your body burns through energy and if there is booze in your system it's not going to work as well.

The recovery for me was the worst, I felt like I had been hit by a truck! Wasting whole days in bed sipping on a Gatorade was not fun, and the headaches made me not want to do anything. Yeah it's cool to "YOLO" and have heaps of cool "SWAG" and impress your friends with how often you shot Patron XO, but goddamn! Your'e just dehydrating your body! The waste of a whole day was not worth it for me. I had to change.

Over the last 6 months I've been really focused on my health. Not just looking good and being strong, but actually being healthy. I have a condition that is relatively new called Fibromyalgia. The neural receptors in my brain get inflamed and cause "artificial" pain throughout y body. Even there there isn't anything really physically wrong my muscles and joints become inflamed and I get an aching sensation similar to the pains you get if you're about to come down with the flu. Along with taking some prescription medications and supplements I have been able to manage the pain reasonably well through physical therapies and changing my bad habits. I found that the change of my die and massive reduction of alcohol helped the pain subside by a considerable amount!

The reason I write this post is that some people need to change. I was chatting with a close friend earlier this week about the changes I had made and he is in a very similar situation, a part of the nightlife industry and feeling his body is not being where it should be. The effects of binge drinking and partying every week end up playing a big toll on your mind and body. Taking the step to balance out your life with fitness instead of big weekends is a move in the right direction for a healthier future. Remember, when you are older you're not the same person you were 10 years ago. The impact of a weekend partying will outweigh the efforts put into a small weekly routine, you either have to up your effort and output during the weeks or decrease the negative intakes during the weekends.

Since I've changed my life around my skin is clearer, my sleep has improved, my injuries have healed much faster than expected and most of all I have a body close to what I desire. If you need to make the change then just make the change without excuses. I couldn't image how much pain I would be in if I didn't. #behyperactive