Introduction: Subcut & Block E3


The awesome guys at ASN Brisbane told Beau and I about Subcut and Block E3 by ATP Science and we decided to try them and will be tracking our results and doing up a full review. Subcut and Block E3 are products which have been designed to help target specific problem areas where fat is stubborn and just doesn't seem to want to budge. We have taken measurements (tape measure and callipers) and will be using the products a couple of times a day along with continuing to train and eat nutritious food.

Beau If you read my last post you'll remember that in the last six months I have really stepped up my training, cleaned up my diet and have been able to improve my physique. I do have a stubborn area though, and that's my lower back aka the "love handles" area. The product I will be trying out is called Subcut. Subcut is designed to improve the appearance of isolated fat deposits under the skin. It's a rub-on cream which is said to help break down fat and increase metabolism. You can read more about it here.

Exercise: I will be continuing my current program, 4 x weight sessions a week and 2 x basketball games a week.


Rachel For me I've always found that my arms store a lot of fat, particularly in comparison to the rest of my body - where I've been able to look more toned in less time. When I was doing some study for one of my nutrition subjects I read that oestrogen levels in women effect where they deposit the fat on their bodies, a high level of oestrogen can result in fat storage around the thighs, butt and surprisingly, arms!

I will be using Block E3. Block E3 is a cream which is rubbed into the problem areas and is designed to decrease water and fat retention and improve the overall appearance of that area by inhibiting the oestrogen activity in that particular region. Read more about the product here.

Exercise: I will be continuing with my current exercise regime of personal training a few times a week (2 x weight, 1 x high intensity cardio), and 2-3 cardio sessions a week, along with some other small workouts I do at home when I get the time. Diet: I am going to be eating very clean. Some things that are a regular part of my diet include having a reasonably high intake of good fats: nuts, eggs, nut butters, olives, seeds and fatty fish as these foods help boost testosterone levels… no I am not going to grow a moustache and turn into a lumber jack, increased testosterone in females means increased lean muscle mass, a more balanced mood (high oestrogen levels have been related to moodiness, anxiety and depression) and decreased body fat/cellulite. I also try to avoid soy products. Soy contains phytoestrogens that are naturally-occuring plant compounds which at a cellular level are able to mimic the actions of oestrogen when consumed. Supplements: Transdermal products: only Block E3. Helix BCAA before/during personal training sessions. Magnesium, fish oil, Vitamin D, FeFol (iron+folate).

If anyone has any questions about our experience with the product (texture, price, side-effects - if we have any etc) leave them in the comment section and we will try to answer them all in our follow up posts about our trial.