Conclusion: Subcut & Block E3

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So this is our follow up review of Subcut and Block E-3 by ATP Science. (We got ours from ASN Brisbane). Quite a few weeks ago we did up an initial post on these products and what they’re designed to do, if you haven’t read it, it can be found here.

 \\SUBCUT// Beau For the past 6 months getting my fat percentage down was my goal, not to lose or gain weight, but change the composition of my body. I got down to 14% then 13% and then 12%. I was happy with the way I looked everywhere on my body except one place. My love handles. My chest was lean, you could see the ripples, my veins were popping out of my arms and the separation in my leg muscles was apparent. But my Greek fat ass and its love handles were still there.

After doing some research on why people store fat in different areas I realised it came down to hormones. Insulin storage is the problem for most men who have fat around their bellies and above their hips. When your body is resistant to insulin instead of blood sugars being turned in to energy they turn in to fat storage. This can come from eating too many High GI foods that don't contain enough fibre. Love handles don't just make you look like your hiding MC Hammer pants in your regular pants but it's also unhealthy. Having high levels of blood sugar is the major cause of type 2 diabetes, which is the number 1 killer in health today over lung cancer. So when people say being big and beautiful is healthy, it's not always. Your fats are putting stress on your organs and causing hypertension, so with a string of heart attacks in my family I needed to get on top of this; there are a few things you can do to help.

- Eat more fibre - Increase magnesium - Eat less sugar - Take CLA - And last but not least ...

A new product called Subcut by ATP Science. The first time I went in to check it out at ASN I was a little confused as it wasn't a dietary supplement but a cream application. I had really nothing to lose on trying the product so I grabbed that as well as Block E for Rachel to try. After putting it on the first time around my love handles and mid section I felt a bit sticky but after a few minutes it dried up, used best before the gym. I applied it 20 minutes beforehand and started my work out.

There weren’t any side effects as you would feel from a pre work out but it works on subcutaneous fat, which is the layer fat underneath the skin. The active ingredients Coleus, Gurana and Silybin left a nice tanned colour and natural odour that fades quickly to a non-existent smell, so you won't be getting funny looks from people at the gym. Best applied before bed and first thing in the morning after showers as well as before training when it uses its magical fat burning powers. As the pictures show not only have a lost fat all over, the stubborn areas of my midsection have dissipated and I look and feel lean.

The positive effects of subcut is that it leaves your skin feeling tight, so when I'm putting shorts on it doesn't feel like my 3rd and 4th ass cheeks are hanging over the sides. On the numbers side of things the pinch test showed I had lost 9mm of my suprailiac, which is nice to know that there is a difference from something I have tried and gotten results. I have a feeling people will bag-out the product or people will try it for a magic over all fat cure and not watch what they eat and see no results. You still have to train and you still have to eat well. I will use it again once my supply runs out!



\\BLOCK E3// Rachel Product: Block E has a eucalyptus sort of smell, which isn’t unpleasant, just not a scent I’d normally put on my body haha. And be careful with your clothes when you’re putting it on! I tried to put mine on after my morning/evening showers before I put on my shirt (it temporarily turned some of my white sleeves yellow, washed out later though).

Directions: Block E just has to be massaged into your problem areas (mine were my arms, or ‘bingo wings’ if you will, which just would not budge no matter how much exercise I did or what I ate). Works well if you want to bug someone else into doing it for you, “I’m tiiiiired, can you please put my Block E on for meeeee”.

Results: To be completely honest I didn’t think this product would do anything at all - because I know how stubborn this area of my body is, but to my complete surprise, there was a huge difference. I lost 2cm according to the measuring tape and pinch test measurements were 24mm on the calipers before I started using Block E and 18mm 4 weeks after I began using the product. I’m really impressed with it, because my legs, waist, face etc all thinned out on their own beforehand but my arms were stubborn and made me really self conscious, this has actually helped.

Other Info: As I mentioned in my last post I was avoiding foods that contain oestrogen-boosting properties such as phytoestrogens (found in soy products) and phospholipids (ever since April I’ve been avoiding these sort of foods, phospholipids are found in icecream, mayonnaise, salad dressings, the list goes on, if you’re looking to see if it’s in something the ingredients list will contain an emulsifier. An emulsifier is something that mixes together oil and water, a process that does not occur naturally. The most common emulsifier you’ll find in foods is “soy lecithin”).

Overall: Really impressed. I want to get another bottle of it.