FivePointFour: What's on the Menu?


By Beau

I look bad, I need to do something about my weight, I need to start going for a run, but I’m too lazy, I need to start eating better, but I’m too busy. This is what I heard from most people who were not happy with the way they looked in the mirror. I wasn’t happy either. Just over a year ago I was at my worst, my belly resembled that of 50 year old man who sat at the pub on a Tuesday night not wanting to come home to his wife sipping on his XXXX Gold till the last sud was gone. Ass was like Kimmy K, but not in a good way and what would normally be called “love handles” felt more like more like “Love Triangle Handles”. You get the idea, it was 10 fold what it should be.

I was really busy with work and I wanted a healthy convenient option for my nutrition. My training was getting back to it’s A game but I was just missing a small component to get me to where I wanted to be. I had seen a few people talk about Five Point Four, meal plans delivered to your door designed for the busy healthy person. I thought what the hell, you’re not locked in to any contracts or anything so I’ll try it for a month. The following Thursday my box of food arrived!! I was so excited to open the box and to store it all in my fridge because I knew I was going to change and there was no way I was going to fail.

 To my surprise the food was actually really good for something you would expect in a plastic container. There was a wide range of cuisines from Sheppard’s Pie, Thai Green Curry, Chicken and Gravy, Chili Con Carne and much, much more! There were some meals that I would look forward to more than others, but that didn’t stop me from sticking to the plan. After the first month was gone I had lost 4kg and the thing is about 5.4 is that you don’t get every meal of the day, just the important ones and for 5 days. So even with having to fend for my self for 2 other days where I actually had naughty meals, (ribs, wings, ice cream) I still lost the weight.

I decided not to cancel and see how far I could get with this, the next month I had even more results, 2kg down and I could see abs! Holy moly, I’ve never had these before, I was getting even more excited about training and started focusing more on my supplements and my routine. This was it, I’m finally looking the way I wanted to. I was not done yet, my weight didn’t shift for a few months mainly because I had regained so much muscle I had lost before I started, but I didn’t care - I looked great and felt great.

I weighed in on Monday, I was 82.8kg, this is the lightest I have ever been in my adult life, the thing is I don’t look like I’ve lost so 13kgs from when I first started. I did a body fat percentage test and I only have 12% fat. I never thought about it or cared, but its crazy to think what it would have been last year.

Five Point Four was developed by someone just like you and I, looking for that extra piece of the puzzle to finish off your fitness journey, or for them to just begin. I was so impressed with my results I emailed Ben Doolan, the creator of Five Point Four and told him about my results, and he loved the feedback, not just about my body transformation, but the meals, the service and the fact I had some of my own friends and clients on it too. Personally I love all the meals, which are fitted to your macronutrients more so than being calorie controlled. Of late I have been going for a lot of vegetarian options when I’m not eating my meals from 5,4 and I told Beni this, and he told me that in February they are launching their vegetarian range which was music to my ears, and also great news for a lot of you guys who are vegos and want to get convenient meals delivered to your door!

For anyone interested in trying or reading up on Five Point Four head over to their website.