Simple 7 Day Detox is here!


Simple 7 Day Detox (download)

Does any of this sound familiar? - low energy - skin problems - frequent colds - excess weight - water retention - acne - constant cravings for sugary sweets - bloating - intestinal complaints Maybe you just want to 'reset' after a holiday or slipping off-track with your eating… then the Simple 7 Day Detox is for you. The Simple 7 Day Day detox contains meal guidelines for you to follow during a 7-day cleanse of your system, as well as recipes (of actual food! No starvation and no phoney juice-cleanse here!), and easy-to-follow recommendations for what you need to eat to have a balanced diet once the detox is finished. Vegan, gluten-free, lactose free options are included in the book.

Food is now packed full of more chemicals and additives than it has ever been, and these are designed to flick a switch in your brain to make you want more, to make products last an unnatural amount of time on shelves and to alter the appearance to make them look more appealing from an advertising perspective. So just think about that, ingredients are being put in your food to alter your brain chemistry, that's not healthy and is not doing your body any favours. This detox is designed to help remove those cravings from your system and set you on the right path to health.

**20% of all money made from this eBook will be going to SecondBite to help provide nutritious meals to families on the front-line of poverty in  Australia. I love the work these guys do!**

I highly recommend that you do the detox before starting the 8-week challenge we will be putting up in a few weeks. The best part is that we've made it an eBook so you can download it straight to your phone or computer to have handy. The detox is gentle on your system and will help you achieve amazing results.

As you may know, Beau and I went to Thailand recently. We kept a decent eye on what we ate, but did try to relax and did more swimming and walking rather than our usual gym schedule. We got pretty bloated over there from how much water and alcohol we had haha. The photos on the left are from the day we got back from Thailand, photos on the right are exactly 7 days later.


While doing the detox I dropped just under 3kg and am now a little lighter than I was before we went away and Beau lost a crazy 5kg, both our body fat percentages have dropped a few percent as well (mine has never been this low since I've been training, I had been stuck on a plateau of about 18% before we went away and am now at 16.5%). We're happy to stand by this book and say that it worked for us, because it got our bodies better than they were before we had even gone away.

If you're ready to see these kind of results the eBook can be downloaded from here and it's only $14.95! Remember to show us your before and afters! Tag on Instagram.