Eat Run Lift 8 Week Transformation Challenge

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Not been able to get yourself motivated? Stuck in a plateau with your weight loss? Or need something to help kickstart your 2015 in the best way possible? Then the 8 Week Transformation Challenge is for you. Discover how you can transform your body through training and nutrition to reveal the healthier, fitter, stronger and happier YOU!


✔ 8 weeks of workouts

✔ Complete step-by-step guide for exercises

✔Suitable for men or women of any age

✔  Suits all diets, doesn't matter if you're vegan, paleo or a meateater

✔ Choose between 1 of 3 workout plans or swap between them at any time

✔  Designed to fit into your day, even if you have a busy lifestyle

✔  No equipment needed

Let's get started!

Half price until February, only $19.95!

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Note: If you are part of the lucky group that managed to get an earlybird copy, your exclusive version is on it's way to you tonight! (7pm AEST)