No Ifs or Butts

By Beau

Hands up anyone who has done a "30 day squat challenge" or a "booty in 30 days Challenge"? Who has actually seen results in this? If you have there has probably been something else behind it. I see so many people start fad challenges like this and not get results, not stick with it or just plain forget about it. Not only because it doesn't work, but people discouraged by completing a challenge and getting no benefit from it. 

Two things that make these challenges fail is that (1) you need resistance and load to make muscles grow and (2) you need time to recover. 

Your butt is the biggest muscle you have in your body, meaning that the larger the size of the muscle the more load you need to put through it to create enough force to tear the muscle tissue. Hypertrophy comes in 2 types, one for size and one for strength, so gaining a round posterior will require multiple sets of leg work outs that focus on your glutes. Deadlifts, Squats, Leg Press - as long as the range is deep and the weight is moderate enough for you to get 8-16 reps out you are going to see some gains in your ass. 

Once you have completed your exercise the hard work isn't over yet. Your booty hasn't grown until it has repaired. After legs day and before you can have another you need your bum to repair and recover. All of those thrusting movements you do you create micro tears where muscle fills up with proteins, glycogen and water making it swell and repair. Most of you will experience this walking up and down stairs and trying to tie your shoe lace like an 80 year old man. This is called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which happens in the super compensation phase. This takes about 4-5 days and once repaired your bum will be bigger and stronger than ever. 

Booties aren't made over night but they will happen. Growing your Kimmy K is going to take some serious dedication in the gym, but remember you need to stick at it and not give up. If you don't see any results in the first few weeks don't stray, some butts just take longer than others. 

As you can see doing weightless groin actions aren't going to help you in achieving the tukus of your dreams. But I'm not going to stop you. Starting somewhere is a step in the right direction in health and fitness, who knows where you will be after the ball gets rolling?