What's Next??


Things have been hectic here, so what exactly is going on??

You may have noticed lately that our blog posts are a little less frequent, well that's for 2 reasons! 1) We are busy being a support network to our current 8 Week Challengers (learn more here), and 2) We're opening a training studio! We wanted to thank you all for your continued support in our strange little fitness brand, we're so happy that you love it as much as we do!

Eat Run Lift is bringing a new brand of fitness to Brisbane, forget the crazy colourful gyms that charge PTs a fortune to train out of them, we want to step out of the box and create something different. We want to create an environment where people are comfortable, encouraged, and can feel positive about stepping into a gym. Rachel of course has brought her design theme, and Beau is bringing all his years of training experience, establishing an environment that is great to work (and work out) in. We are also looking for Personal Trainers to come join us on this journey (read more here).

About the Facility

STAGE ONE (Current)
- Located in Mollison Street, West End (above the Boundary St Markets)
- Over 500sqm of functional space
- Designer inspired fitout
- Currently a PT Studio (bookings essential: email beau@eatrunlift.me)

- Commercial gym fitout
- Memberships open to the public
- Three dedicated workout zones: weight training, HIIT centre, and open studio space
- Classes ranging from martial arts to pilates

Shaking things up!

We have our first little bit of merch available very shortly! We will have more things coming later on, like apparel, and something secret that Rach has been working on. For now, fulfill your health goth aesthetic needs with one (or 4???) of our minimalist-style shakers. No need to settle for the horrible purple and pink ones you usually find.

ETA: Next week, make sure you're subscribed to our mailing list to know as soon as they're available :)

Supplement Store

For a little while now we've been supplying supplements through our online store. We try to keep the prices as low as possible, and we are now shipping to everywhere in the world. Check out the supplement section to find out which ones will help you push your results even further: sup store

So that's all I can share in this little update, but there will be more coming soon. Make sure you check out our eBooks in the meantime, we'll help you get your diet and exercise on track!

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