What You Need To Know About Fixing Your Gut Health + Losing Weight

Health and fitness is a tool. It can fix and mend so many issues with both our minds and bodies, but, that tends to get lost amidst Instagram, socialising, and looking in the mirror. 99% of the time I hear from people that their goal is weight loss, and to me, that's backwards. We do a million different things to try and get one result, but we really need to focus on just one thing to get a million results, "What are you talking about, Beau!?" I can hear you saying.

I see people diet, starve themselves, flog themselves at the gym, follow weight loss fads (smoothie programs, juice cleanses), swap different online workout programs every month, skinny teas, waist trainers, all for one thing... to look a certain way. I think it should be about being healthy, physically and mentally.

What we should be doing is looking at healing the body holistically to benefit from multiple results. Health is the goal, and food is the medicine. Getting your BMR (Metabolic Rate) working at a normal level is the start of helping your body burn fat and lose weight correctly. Too high and it can cause Hyperthyroidism, a condition where the Thyroid gland is over active and working way too hard to regulate the bodies core temp, this can result in an Auto Immune Disease called Graves Disease. Symptoms of Graves disease include increased heart rate and blood pressure, swelling of the eyes, fatigue, fluctuating weight loss and weight gain, bloating through the mid section and high libido. On the other end of the scale we Hypothyroidism, where the thyroid gland is just chillin' and pretty much being a lazy bum. This is cause by inflammation of the thyroid gland, killing cells and not producing enough of its stimulant hormone to manage our metabolism, causing weight gain, weakness, hair loss, muscle aches, abnormal menstrual cycle., depression, decreased libido and much more. 

This can be one of the main causes for other Auto Immune Diseases like PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), the same condition that Rachel is going through now, which has the same symptoms as Hypothyroidism and can lead in to much more serious symptoms. Most of you know about my Fibromyalgia condition and treating the gut to ease these symptoms can be done in the same manner to manage other conditions with underlying inflammation.

So lets start fixing the gut, gut health is regulated by the bacteria in your digestive tract, making sure you have the right amount of good bacteria means that your body can process food properly and turn it in to the energy that we need and dispose of the shit, literally. Having too much bad bacteria which can be caused by poor eating predominantly will lead to the inflammation of the colon and other digestive organs.

Change the way you eat, I know a lot of people think it's silly to eat 'gluten free' options, but if you've got gut issues, give it a go. Gluten is comprised of two different proteins (prolamin and glutelin), so sometimes the body sees it as another part of the body and it will start to use it to make a lining in the colon, not allowing proper nutrients, fibres and minerals to synthesise, and can clog up your system, usually called “leaky gut” so try and ease up on gluten-based products, it doesn't have to be 100% - but cut back.

Probiotics. There are plenty of different ways to get your sources of good bacteria from food and supplements. Yoghurt that is natural from sheep, usually greek yoghurt with live cultures is the most popular, Kefir which is similar to yogurt but has a larger amount of probiotic strains, cultured Vegetables, Barley Grass, Yakult, Slippery Elm and Probiotic caps. Putting these into your meal plans will help see results.

Reduce inflammation. When your joints are achy, or you feel worn down, your guts probably are too. Inflammation can come in many forms, Joint pain, bloating or aching of the stomach, skin, allergens and getting a little serious tumors and cancers. Reducing inflammation can be achieve through diet, following a FODMAPS or anti candida style diet that is low in carbs and other foods that causes inflammation. Reduce alcohol, not only is it affecting your liver, heart and other organs, it impacts your mitochondria, that leads in to a restless type of sleep, caused by an interruption of oxygen through blood cells and irritation of nerves through the body.

Stress. Everyone says reduces stress, but you actually really need to make this a high priority. We go through several phases of Adrenal fatigue, smashing our bodies in the gym, worrying about boyfriends, money, career, getting an injury its all stress, and no matter how big it is, its chipping away at your body. If you are stressed and eating poorly, on frequent basis, be careful, this is how auto immune diseases are triggered if they're lying dormant. Let’s say over a period of time you are eating poorly, and along with a series of events starting with stress>anxiety>depression>chronic stress/depression/anxiety and then ending in an “Auto Immune Disease” it's crazy the cycle people are putting themselves through, so jump on my last blog post for more info here.

Try to follow this for 14 days. Two weeks is what it takes to see a reduction in Insulin Resistance, getting your metabolism pumping again, and your body absorbing nutrients properly and being happy again.

This is what I have done in the past and am doing now, if you have any type of ‘Auto Immune Disease, I suggest you to talk to a Naturopath or at least a Doctor.
- Anti Candida Protocol “Diet”
- ATP Supps: Cort Rx, T432 Plus, Multi Food, Amp-V
- Supplements, minerals and vitamins: Slippery elm, Co Q-10, Magnesium-Citrate, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Turmeric and Cumin Advanced caps, Sam-E, and Papaya plus extract.