Product Review: Amp-V by ATP Science

Beau Bressington

For many of us who train hard regularly we're so used to taking a thermogen (or pre-workout) to increase our ability to burn fat and enhance our energy levels before exercise, but what if now we could flip that upside down, and have something to cool us down, literally chill out?

For over 600 years, the Greeks have been using peppermint oil for healing and nutritional purposes. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the English had the ability to cultivate it at a mass rate and be able to do research and discover the awesome properties that Peppermint oil contains.

What Is It: ATP have just released a product that takes advantage of  the wonders of peppermint oil, and blends it with other awesome natural ingredients including Grapefruit oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Coconut Oil,  so... essentially, oils, lots of oils. Designed initially to help with burning fat, and oxidising fatty acids, Amp-V also has some other interesting uses, such as reduced inflammation, acting as an appetite suppressant, improving explosiveness during exercise and sport, and increasing your ability to circulate oxygen though the body. So I was surprised how versatile and dynamic this little bottle was.

Taste: There was a lot of hype about the product before it got released, so I knew I had to jump on it.  When I first tasted it I was hit with a wave of freshness, just like one of those mint ads, like the Fisherman’s Friend one but without the salmon (pray to god other people know the ad that I'm talking about). As it is an oil, the texture was interesting and not something you would usually put in your mouth via a measuring dropper. I felt my hands start to go cool and my breath was fresh. Unlike stimulants, I didn’t get a rush or a feeling of bursting energy but, I guess more of an” in the zone focus” but I was just sampling this at the time, and didn’t use it for any exercise.

Initial Thoughts: A couple of days later I decided to give it another go before basketball along with ATP's Subcut, both products that are great for burning fat during cardio sessions.
I thought this would be the best was to test this as I don’t really do cardio, I play sports, which is very similar. Because of the cooling effect, it kept me nice and fresh on the court, I didn’t feel myself over exerting like usual. I felt like I could switch it up another gear to be honest, being a PT and playing basketball has its advantages on the court, but hell I had energy for days, and instead of lagging around the court tired, I was bouncy and quick.

Final Thoughts: Being 30 and having fibromyalgia this was such a great asset to me, helping with energy and pain in my body. On fitness side of things when it comes to helping you get results, I feel this would ultimately be used best for fasted cardio, and short explosive training sessions.

Will I use it again? Well I should have written this blog post a few months ago because I'm onto my third bottle now, but only now do I appreciate the benefits of having this in my routine. Every time I play ball now, they ask how I can go 100% all the time, I tell them about AMP-V.