Float Tanks. What Do They Do?

So you have either seen the episode of The Simpsons where Lisa & Homer go and lay in a float tank, Homer goes on a special adventure around Springfield and Lisa gets the real deal or, the more recently, “Stranger Things”, a Netflix series based on a girl called “Eleven” who’s a Sensory Deprivation Experiment gone wrong (spoiler alert?).

Don’t panic, it's far from what I experienced with the guys at City Cave. “Floating” is starting to get some traction in Brisbane, and Australia, although it has been used in the states since the 60s by Neurophysicist John C Lilly. Experimenting with floatation, he found that disconnecting the mind from the body, he was able to help with relief of pain and trauma stimuli throughout the extremities.

A friend of mine who also has Fibromyalgia tried a session and told me all about it and said I needed to come check it out with her, I thought hey, if it's free, no harm in trying. As soon as I walked through the front doors, I felt my environment change, the atmosphere was already a distraction from the outside stresses that were going on in my life, but I didn’t know what was in store. After running me through how it worked, I was ready to jump into 400KG of salt, and ultimately “Sensory Deprivation & Chill”. To be completely honest the first 20/30 minutes were interesting, trying to settle in, and with my hyperactive brain it was a bit of a challenge. After the initial half of the session had passed, I didn’t know whether my eyes were open or closed, I felt like I was floating through space, it reminded me of that movie “Gravity”  and I was George Clooney. I started seeing things, I was getting visions, still not knowing if my eyes were shut, my subconscious started taking control and I was seeing dark clouds, but through those dark clouds I was seeing faces, skulls, maybe even demons. Was this a sign of me having to let go of my anxiety, a part of my life finishing.. it's up for interpretation, but I saw things, man… but it wasn’t bad. I don’t know what happened after, and between me waking up, but I know I had vivid dreams, then the music stopped, I awoke as a new person.

The stress and anxiety that I was carrying with me day-to-day was not at the forefront of my mind anymore, I felt light. I felt disconnected from the problems that were causing me to break down. I’m not saying it’s a cure for anxiety or depression, but it sure did help manage it. I couldn’t stop telling everyone about this experience, especially my clients. Because I kick all their butts and they experience major DOMs, floating can help increase your recovery from training, sports and help with injury repair.

The boys who run “City Cave” Tim & Jeremy, make popping in to their place, like chilling at a mate's place, the hospitality and banter will bring you back alone, I guess the results you get from a float are pretty good too. Located on Fortitude Valley’s James Street it makes it easy to pop in at lunch time, or come in after a work out at the Eat Run Lift Studio. Because we are nice, City Cave & Eat Run Lift can offer you corporate rates, so you can save money, and your body! Just tell them Beau sent you: http://www.city-cave.com/

For our friends who aren’t so close, I recommend you google your closest sensory deprivation or float tank facility.