Your Guide To Selecting The Right Trainer For You

The fitness industry, and being a personal trainer in general is one of the most over-saturated markets in Australia, and the world. With so many Personal Trainers graduating every month in Australia, you have more than enough choice on who to train with. But how do you pick?

There are so many options for you to consider, but most of the time when you make a choice it comes off recommendations, referrals from friends, or when you join a health club you get allocated a trainer, usually one who has only graduated very recently.

I'm going to take you through some factors that you need consider when choosing the right person to transform your life.

1. Where.
Trainers will either be in commercial fitness clubs, personal training studios or facilitating sessions in parks.

- When choosing a fitness club PT, you have to weigh in these options: paying for a membership and joining fee, crowded gym floors, and specific trading hours, but the advantages for this are that there are great facilities to use most of the time, like saunas, spas, multiple training areas and change room facilities, plus you get to use the gym when you want and train by yourself if you are comfortable with that.

- A PT studio doesn't usually require a gym membership, and is a lot more focused on the clients, with less busy facilities, but most still have the option of doing bootcamps or classes, just in smaller numbers. The environment is a lot more personal, but it doesn't give you the choice of using the gym space on your own if you wanted to train by yourself.

- Park/outdoor training is usually a lot more affordable, but less choice in what you would like work on, no machines for weights, and mainly focused on HIIT style cardio training.

2. Budget
How much are you willing to invest in your health and fitness? There is always going to be an option for you know matter how much the cost.  At Eat Run Lift we have trainers for those who have a smaller budget, to those who have a much bigger budget, but there is always the trade off of knowledge, skill and other bonuses you receive in their sessions. It up to you to make the choice of how how serious you are about your goals.

3. Goals
How specific are your needs? Do you just want to get fitter? Have you got a specific weight you want to hit? Have you got a serious health issue that a more skilled trainer can help with? No matter what it is you want to find the right PT who is going to have the right specific knowledge to get you the right results. There is no point training with a powerlifter if you want to focus on a specific weight-loss target, get someone who knows what they are talking about and more. You can do this by reading about them on their profiles online, and emailing or messaging your potential PT directly and talking to them to see what style of training they're all about. You will be able to find someone who matches up with your needs if you look for them.

4. Do you want a male trainer or female trainer?
For some people it may not matter, but it's just about feeling comfortable.

5. Experience
The first thing you want is to make sure your trainer is qualified, gyms and studios won't hire someone unless they have the right qualifications, but if someone is operating park sessions, you haven’t got that guarantee.

Although, just because some is qualified, doesn’t mean they have in-depth health knowledge. It may be a surprise to you, but most colleges that teach fitness are very short courses that are between 8-12 weeks, and for some, it's not enough time to absorb all the knowledge they need. The longer a PT has been in the industry, the more opportunity they have had to learn new techniques, gain more information, and trial and error a lot of challenges with previous clients, and worked out ways to help them achieve their goals. Like we touched on earlier, trainers can get fairly expensive, so finding the right balance will be beneficial to your pockets, and waistline.

If you didn’t think about these options when choosing your Personal Trainer, this may have been the key to helping you get results faster and avoid wasting your hard-earned money. If you would like to have a chat to one of our many Eat Run Lift Fitness Specialists, head to to see what our trainers focus on! All are available for in-studio sessions in Brisbane, and some are also available for online training for wherever you are in the world.