7 Tips for Finishing the 7 Day Detox

After taking a heap of medication (see previous post) I was depressed and I could feel that my body was carrying more water than usual, so I decided I want to do our Simple 7 Day Detox again to feel better, and it worked! And of course I had to drag Beau along to do it with me, because I would get frustrated if I had to follow the meal plan while he got to eat whatever he wanted haha. If you've thought about doing our detox to help you feel better and look more lean then here are some hot tips for you.

We weren't sure if we'd make it all the way through this time, because we wanted to continue training hard, and Beau works 13 hours a day, 6 days a week. We know the results are always good, so to make sure we didn't fall off we set ourselves a consequence if we failed... Beau would have to sell a pair of his beloved Jordans, and I would have to wear colour to a social outing and be photographed in it (I haven't worn colour for years, the anxiety I get just thinking about it is insane). Luckily these consequences were enough to make us hold on. 

1. Drink More Water
Make sure you're drinking enough water throughout the process, add lemons or limes to it, drink tea, make sure you are staying hydrated. If you frequently consume sugary foods you're more likely to get headaches during the detox, so aid your body in the process by providing it with more water.

2. Sleep
It's more important during this week to make sure you're getting adequate sleep so that your body is rested!

3. Vitamins
Throughout the detox we were taking Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Iron and I was also drinking Immune Support.

4. Track Progress
TAKE PHOTOS before you start the detox and again afterwards, measure yourself, and weigh yourself if you can. I'm always surprised by how many people start the detox without taking a photo, show yourself the difference! A number doesn't mean much.

5. Avoid Restaurants (if you can)
Towards the end of the detox whenever we walked past a place that smelt good it was really annoying. I found myself loving the smell, but not wanting to eat the food? Weird. If you can pause social dinners/drinks for the 1 week you are doing the detox it will help you tremendously.

6. Cut Down On Social Media
While you're on the detox the number of photos of pizza you will see on Instagram seems to triple. It's a good time to cut down how much time you're spending online, detox your body and your mind! :)

7. Repair and Recovery
We still trained during the week, but even if you decide not to do that make sure you're still looking after your body. In the one week we went to chiro, physio and got massages!

We both lost a few kilos, dropped a few percent in body fat and just feel much clearer mentally, and now we have meal prepped everything for the next few days. Try it for yourself and show us how you go! #eatrunlift

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