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Goal Check Up

At the end of the week, take out the worksheet we did back in the Pre-Challenge and reassess your goals. Write next to them, or take out a notebook and write down whether you achieved them or not, and if not, include why you think this is. Assessing any shortcomings like this rather than considering them ‘failures’ is important for self-development. Life can get in the way, and problems can come up, but if you want to look after yourself for the long term you need to figure out how to retain exercise and a love of nutritious food in your schedule.
Next week you’ll be ready to write out a whole new set of goals because you’ll be moving on from ERL12! So spend some time this week reflecting on what you’d like to achieve next.


Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is a matter of defining first what you’re capable of. Do you only have time to train 3 times a week, or are you able to be at the other extreme and never eating cheat meals and getting movement in every day. It’s up to you what you’re capable of, but remember, your mind will tell you that you’re capable of less than you actually are. It’s all about pushing those boundaries and discovering what you can really do. So if you’ve made it to week 12 and you’ve kept up the whole way, congratulations! That is something to be really proud of.

Here are some of the ERL team’s tips to keep healthy living as simple as possible:

  • Move daily: try to get at least a little bit of movement in, even if it’s running around with the dog or kids.
  • Say no more often: this is about practising your willpower, the more you can say no to things that you know you shouldn’t be having (that extra slice of cake, that third glass of wine) the more you’ll be able to do it.
  • Have a program in place: keeping an exercise program in place will allow you to have some kind of routine when it comes to fitness. We often see people fall off the bandwagon because they don’t have something they’re anticipating, they’re just hoping they can convince themselves to go to the gym every day.
  • Have a specialist: whether it’s a nutritionist, or a naturopath, having a specialist on your side will help you get that extra level of care that you’re not able to reach on your own.
  • Treat soreness immediately: if you feel as thought you might have strained or injured something, get it looked at by your physio/chiro immediately. Prolonging it will potentially mean more time off training than if you sorted it out straight away.
  • Find food you like: when it comes to eating healthy it’s all about finding what you want to eat and enjoy. If you don’t enjoy the food, you won’t want to stick to it, it’s that simple. There are so many healthy options available out there!

How To Train

Now that you’re moving on from this program it’s time to figure out how you would like to train next! We have a whole heap of options for you at Eat Run Lift, so we’d love to tell you about them!

Continue the ERL12 Workouts
First and foremost, as of next week you will receive an eBook with all the ERL12 workouts in it. If you didn’t make it all the way through this time, or if you’d like to try and make it harder by adding in some weights and medicine balls, go for it!

8 Week Transformation
The 8 Week Transformation challenge is the original exercise guide that we released, and you can follow it in three different ways: on your own without any equipment, with equipment (kettle bell, medicine ball, skipping rope), or without equipment with a friend. 

Get Lean Guides
Okay! So you’re ready to hit the gym and start getting into the weights section! Yes! The Get Lean Guides are a weight lifting program for women designed for your body type, we have the three main body types available: ectomorph (long and lean), mesomorph (hourglass), and endomorph (pear). Get Lean is a 6 month program which starts at a beginner’s level training program, and will progress right through to advanced over the 6 months.

My HIIT Guide
My HIIT Guide is the perfect supplementation to add into your existing routine for an extra kick of a workout, or to pair with the Get Lean Guide for your cardio days.

Online Coaching
At Eat Run Lift we are also able to offer online coaching. Hayleigh, who has been available as a mentor throughout the entire of ERL12 is our head of online training. You can contact her directly for a customised training program, nutrition tracking, and skype calls by emailing



Intuitive Eating

Download the worksheet here