The Get Lean guide is perfect to take to the gym! A 6 month training program designed for your body type to teach you weights, how exercise works and the best ways to burn fat and #getlean. Pair it with the nutrition guide and you will be unstoppable!

Used by Rachel Aust

Used by Rachel Aust


Think of the Get Lean guide as your own PT. Amazing results, without having to fork out hundreds of dollars for sessions. Designed for gym use by strength and conditioning sports specialist trainer, Beau Bressington. The plan will take you from the beginning and teach you how to advance in your training. So if you are tired of not seeing results, going to the gym and needing an exercise plan to follow the Get Lean series is for you.


There are so many food guides online and they all tell everyone to follow the same plan. But how does your body react to food? Everyone is different. Should you be eating more carbohydrates? Or less? 5 meals a day? Or 3? The Get Lean Nutrition Guide will give you what you need to know for sustainable weight loss and health for only 29.95. 

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Select which body type you are to get the most out of your training. Specialised plans to get you burning fat, getting strong, toned, and seeing a difference in the mirror straight away. Train and eat the way that is going to get you the best results.  Not sure what body type you are? >>


The Get Lean Nutrition and Exercise guides can be followed indefinitely. The Nutrition guide is bursting with information about food, healthy eating, 25 healthy recipes and even teaches you how to write your own meal plans! The Exercise guide is a 6 month program, which contains additional training methods you can add into your sessions after the 6 months are complete.

No super restrictive diet. Detailed workouts. Tonnes of tips and tricks.  

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Healthy eating made easy

Grab your copy of the Get Lean: Nutrition Guide to pair with your training plan.

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  • You do not wish to attend a gym

  • You are unfamiliar with how to use gym equipment and do not want to learn

  • You are wanting to do at-home workouts. Please see our 8 Week Transformation guide


  • You are familiar with the use of gym equipment

  • You can attend a gym to use the program

  • You want more in-depth knowledge about how exercise works

  • You want a training plan to get the best results for your body type