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+ You find that you can’t get motivated to exercise.

+ Everything else seems to take priority over training and your health.

+ You feel like you have no spare time.

+ You get stressed out easily.

+ You get discouraged when you don’t see instant results.

+ You doubt yourself before you even begin something new.

+ You find yourself saying you’ll “start again on Monday”.

+ You’re often tired and run-down.

+ You want to look and feel better, but don’t know how to begin.

+ When you do try something it only lasts for a few weeks before old habits creep back.

There has to be another way...

Do you wish you could figure out how to jump on track with your health, wellbeing and fitness and actually STAY on track? No more ‘starting again on Monday’, no more fad diets and juice detoxes. And no, this doesn’t mean you can never eat chocolate or chips again.

With ERL12 we’ll be helping you tackle exactly what’s stopped you in the past. My 12 week program doesn’t only cover training, but also nourishment, and Mindset Coaching, so you can take a holistic approach to your health. Uncover what’s really been holding you back in the past, and learn how to unlock your core motivation, so you can stay find a balanced lifestyle,
for good.



"I've become a happier and more balanced person"

"I was able to discover so much about my thought processes and how my mind was holding me back when it came to food and nutrition. Rachel's friendly voice, and logical approach to solving common problems, really stuck with me day to day. In fact, by committing to finishing the mindset program, and listening thoroughly to every podcast, even those I thought wouldn't apply to me, I've become a happier and more balanced person. I have always been proud of my ability to be self aware, but I had some blind spots that became very clear as I worked through the lessons guided by Rachel. Thank you for this, it's a gift I will always appreciate."

- Sasha


"The Mindset Coaching made a big difference"

"What I loved most about the program was the mindset coaching. So many times I have tried to achieve my goals without really thinking the whys, hows and what has stopped me in the past, and the mindset coaching made a big difference. I also really loved the Facebook community, and that Rachel and Hayleigh were always so present in there as well."

- Francisca

"It gave me great insight on how to overcome mental barriers."

"I immediately signed up for ERL12 when I heard about it on Rachel's YouTube channel. I loved her no nonsense approach to health and fitness and I was excited to get my hands on a step by step guide to getting there. I had no idea I was getting so much more!

The ERL program provided me with a very challenging physical program, and it gave me great insight on how to overcome mental barriers."

- Khadijah


"I felt confident knowing Rachel had my back with amazing recipes that fit my macros"

"This is my second round and I’m feeling so much stronger. 
Suffering from PCOS has made other programs in the past hard with their recipes etc but I felt confident knowing Rachel had my back with amazing recipes that fit my macros without aggravating my PCOS.
The workouts are fast and fun, I highly recommend it!"

- Georgina


"It's helped me have a positive attitude with food, and health"

"It's helped me have a positive attitude with food, and health, as I've never had a healthy relationship with fitness. I enjoy working out, my energy is up, and it's helped massively with my depression, and a way of me maintaining my mood."

- Abiy


"Simply perfect online workout + health platform"

"THANK YOU for creating such an inspiring, simply perfect online workout + health platform! I am a full time student, and work part time so getting back into shape has been pretty difficult until you came along!!"

- Sarah


"All I wanted was to lose weight but I left with something so much more"

"I started with the mindset that all I wanted was to lose weight but left with something so much more - a shift in focus to actually enjoying what I was getting out of exercising every week. The Facebook community helped so much."

- Darcy