When I started my fitness journey...

...I felt like I was guessing every move I made. Before I had a few years experience under my belt, and studied Nutritional Medicine and Fitness I was relying on the advice of others around me, spending way too long on the internet reading articles that conflicted each other, and could only find healthy recipes that had me hunting down a whole host of peculiar ingredients from health food shops (plus, they'd never turn out quite right).

It was simple to decide I wanted to get started with training and eating well, but that initial burst of motivation doesn't last forever. It can be too easy to fall off track when you're regularly going for drinks with friends, or indulging in treats a little more often than you know you should be just because you're feeling a bit stressed. Once I learnt how to shift my mindset to give myself a balanced lifestyle which I enjoyed, I was able to power through any issue my PCOS and insulin resistance threw at me with ease, and always find time to train, regardless of how busy my schedule became.

I've put together my brand new Mindset Coaching Program and merged it with ERL12. Not only will you get 12 weeks of tailored exercise programs, delicious recipes that don't turn out like failed science experiments, demonstrations, and online contact with my team of Eat Run Lift PTs, but now you'll also learn how to say bye to those negative voices in your head that get in the way of your progress. So you can really achieve the results you want and can keep this lifestyle without falling off track. Join today to be part of the April round, my team and I can't wait to have you on board!

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