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Step 1

To skyrocket you to success with your health and fitness we've created two membership options, simply choose between which one suits you best to reserve your space in ERL12.

- Split payments (4 instalments over 4 weeks); or
- Upfront (discounted)

After you've selected your membership you will be sent an email to confirm your account and gain immediate access.


Step 2

Prior to starting ERL12 we have our Pre-Challenge Coaching waiting for you. Get your new healthy living journey off to the best start possible with our comprehensive approach to goal setting and preparation. Using our Pre-Challenge walkthroughs and coaching you'll be able to set yourself up for success over the next 12 weeks. You will gain access to the pre-challenge membership as soon as your member account is set up.


Step 3

Time to get to work! We lay out a weekly game plan for you to follow, including weekly tasks, exclusive articles to read or listen to, and your training program.

You choose the training program which suits your goals!
- Weight loss;
- Tone up; or
- Combination
We've created these programs with your busy lifestyle in mind, so you'll be able to fit them into your day easily!