Caffeine VS Adrenal Glands


You wake up, well, you hit snooze 2 or 3 times then you wake up and you need to get ready for the day ahead, but it really doesn’t get started until that first cup of coffee hits your lips. The caffeine gods have answered your plea, and it's time to get to work, you hit go, and your mind is sent into a time vortex where every task you have to do is done at the speed of light, you have reached max overdrive. 

Hours later you start to drift off, you feel drained, what the hell happened? What happened is that your adrenal cortex has been fatigued, when our body is stimulated by an external source, say something like your long black that you had at 8am before you got to work, it sends a signal to the brain, and releases a chemical that blocks all of your 'sleepy hormones'. After a few hours have past your sleepy hormones are re-activated, and you're searching for your next hit.

The initial cup you have has drained your adrenal glands, and trying to get them restored is a bit harder than having another cup,  your body has been under extreme stress and the hormone cortisol is released, which means that if there is fat production, that fat gets stored on your belly. It's not just coffee, but things like energy drinks, pre-workouts and thermogens can cause high adrenal stress and leave us fatigued, not only causing fat to store on your belly, but increasing your chances on anxiety, stress & depression.

Taking a break from coffee or any other stimulant is an optimal way to reduce fatigue, stress & anxiety and belly fat. After 14 days your body can reduce the cravings and addiction for coffee, as it is a psychoactive drug and you will see an increase in ability to sleep too. Be aware that if you decide to detox yourself from caffeine that you may feel extreme fatigue and even get headaches for the first 3-7 days. This is your body adjusting to functioning without the input of caffeine. Your adrenal glands will begin to naturally produce the energy you need again, and are less likely to be drained.

Long term adrenal draining can eventually lead to adrenal fatigue, so it's important to properly manage your body's level of stress, and what stimulants you're choosing to consume.