How To Stay On Track

on track.png

If you're here and reading this, congratulations, you're taking a good step. Even if you've slipped up in the last few weeks, missed some workouts or had a couple too many treat meals, it's about negotiating with yourself to stay on track and bounce back after a slip up. 

Here are some short and simple tips that we have learnt along the way that may also help motivate you:

1. Remember the original reason you started, write it down or place it somewhere you will continue to see it.

2. Track your measurements. You may have noticed the six tasks that have been assigned to each week, every second week is taking your measurements. This is to ensure you have some kind of tracking in place to show you the positive effects exercise and good food is having on your body.

3. Track your progression. Seeing your fitness level progress is very rewarding.

4. If you're exercising and not seeing any results at all it may be time to start a food journal. Start noting down what you're eating, you may surprise yourself.

5. Remember that progression is not always straight forward. It's great when things are going the way you want, but remember, that may not always happen. There may be periods of time where you're run down, or where you are injured, or sick. It's times like these that you need to learn how to get yourself back on track afterwards. In the mean time, look after yourself and ensuring you're getting the best recovery possible.

6. Find a support network. This is one of the reasons we have the Facebook group, it's great to find people with a common goal. Try doing some of the workouts with a friend, or find someone who you can share meal prep ideas with. It doesn't have to be anything major, but finding a support network who have a common goal will help keep you on track.

7. Failure is normal. Don't beat yourself up about any small failures you may have had, you're just learning things that are challenges, or things that don't work for your body. Take the failure on board, assess why it happened, and correct the action for the future.

8. Encourage yourself. The words you speak to yourself form a majority of your self-image. Be kind to yourself.

9. Seek motivation daily. Motivation won't always hang around on it's own, it's up to you to keep finding it and finding things that inspire you on your journey.