When it comes to getting in to shape and living a fit and healthy lifestyle, it's not all black and white. We encounter some road blocks, or weight loss blocks, that stop us from having the bodies that we want and desire. Our Oestrogen levels play a large part in losing weight, being strong, energy levels, mood,  skin and much more, here is a quick guide to where your oestrogen will visibly react with your body!
Oestrogen dominance is something found not only in women, but men too. Making sure that your hormonal levels are balanced is incredibly important. If you are high in oestrogen that doesn’t mean you need to over load your body on testosterone to get results. Oestrogen is produced several ways, genetic, chemically and nutritionally. To understand how to help balance your hormone and oestrogen levels, you need asses where the dominance is coming from.

For most females the common place oestrogen is stored on the hips and thighs, but also for some the back of the arms along the triceps, you will find that these are isolated areas that will feel colder... they are pretty much just isolated cells of fat produced by oestrogen synthesis. If you suffer, or commonly get cellulite, headaches and migraines, cramps, poor circulation, over worrying, fear and sadness, and most commonly prompted, fat growth, you could be an advocate for an oestrogen imbalance... not to forget, man boobs for men.

External factors that can contribute to the imbalance can come from environmental exposure, toxins, pesticides, fertilizers, paints as well as plastics.

A lot of you who do meal prepping may not be aware, but the plastics that are heated up can produce xenoestrogen that contributes to oestrogen dominance. To live a healthy balanced lifestyle is not that hard, but to be ultimately healthy at an extremist level and cut out anything that can harm your body is impossible, but what you can do is try a few simple changes.

Adding androgen effective foods like broccoli, kale, bok choy, cabbage, sprouts, rosemary, turmeric, grape fruit, green tea & grapeseed are a few nutritional ways of boosting your hormonal profile. There are many ingredients that you can get from naturopaths that can help, but getting the right combinations and doses can be tricky to trigger the right pathways.

Some other symptoms people suffer from are those similar to fear, negativity and depression. When our bodies encounter a stressful situation it releases noradrenaline, which acts as a fight or flight mechanism. Having an oestrogen imbalance throws the signals off and can alter the way the body handles situations. In my own experience I've seen people come to tears over some of the silliest things, things that have no general affect on a happy or sad outcome. It can truly put a negative spin on anything. That’s why some females on the contraceptive pill can see huge changes in their mood.

For females who also have a lot of cellulite, this can be an effect of oestrogen dominance too, your body has a collagen mesh tissue that is created by periods, these periods are controlled by the amount of oestrogen we have in our bodies, as you get older you enter in to menopause and create more testosterone and little oestrogen, which means less collagen in your skin and more wrinkles.

After all of this there is still another challenge that most women and men will face, the oestrogen/fat "circle of death" (not really death, but it's a pretty annoying circle). Oestrogen is created in fat cells, but then those fat cells start to produce more oestrogen, they then move on to the fat cell 'next door' and tell him to produce more oestrogen too. Oestrogen is great for causing growth in the body, unfortunately it's not muscle growth, it's fat growth. So in conclusion we need to eliminate or restrict the toxins that cause us to produce oestrogen from an external point, increase our androgen levels from food, exercise and eat a health calorie effective diet to stop the fat cells over-producing oestrogen.

There are a few steps you can take to help your body naturally balance it's hormones:

  • Supplement with adaptogen herbs (these are herbs that contain the nutrients your body requires to achieve normal hormone production, such as Maca Root).
  • Improve gut health and leaky gut (we will cover this later)
  • Reducing alcohol intake
  • Reducing caffeine intake
  • Ensuring correct levels of Vitamin B and D in the body
  • Exercise
  • Reducing environmental toxins
  • Sufficient sleep
  • Reducing stress