Eating large amounts of refined carbs (think: simple sugars) and processed food does a lot more harm to your body than just making you gain weight and feel bloated. The risk for many girls is PCOS, especially if women in their family also have the condition. Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome is an imbalance in your hormonal profile which can be caused by insulin resistance, and/or family history. Genetics are usually the main suspects for the cause, but there are many factors that can lead up to the hormones not producing the right blood sugar levels.

If you find that you grow a little more hair in places you don’t want, you get a little more acne than usual, highly irregular periods, inability to lose weight, weight gain, fatigue and depression, then there is a possibility you have PCOS (scans or surgery also must also be done to confirm growths on the ovaries, and blood tests will usually show a high level of testosterone or androgens). Your hormones are the chemicals that make your body work, and having too little or too much can cause a lot of problems, and the main one we are discussing in this article is weight gain.  After a long period of time of bad eating, your body starts to reject insulin that is manifested in the pancreas and ends up storing around the side of your belly and lower back (love handles). Insulin usually enters into the blood stream and feeds the body its energy by allowing glucose to enter the cells, however, when the insulin is not processed it can be responsible for type 2 diabetes, and can feed cancerous cells.

Links have been made between hypothyroidism, PCOS and insulin resistance, and a good way to help avoid these symptoms is to temporarily eliminate processed foods, sugars, starches and complex carbs for a minimum of 14 days, this will give your body time to reset and give your metabolism a kick up the butt, and you will see a major difference in your midsection in 2 weeks.
If you have been following a high carb diet and not seeing results (or if your results have been going backwards) you definitely look in to switch your meals up a little bit to include more polyunsaturated fats, EPA & DHA  (your "good fats"), which can help with insulin resistance, depression and anxiety. In reality, it’s hard to deny a nice carby pizza, fries and pasta. But we have to try and be mindful of things that can damage our bodies, I never recommend totally eliminating a food source, but take it in moderation. Being a nutritional extremist can throw out your bodies hormonal profile and set you up for failure in your weight loss journey.