Tracking Progress


One major way to stay motivated during your journey is with measurements and photographs. Photos and measurements will allow you to see progress, and progress is always empowering. They are also a good way to see if you are just losing fat, or if you are gaining muscle, because just weighing yourself isn't accurate enough. Remember, 10cm of muscle weighs more 10cm than fat, so if you see the scales go up, don't worry, just measure yourself, and if you're exercising and eating healthy food you will probably see the measurements have gone down.

Personally we find that before and after photos are more useful for staying motivated than just regular measurements, but it's still important to record both. Try to take a new photo and measurements every 2 weeks while you are completing our program.

We recommend taking your first photos and measurements on the first day of the challenge, in the morning prior to breakfast.

- Make sure the lighting is similar each time you take a photo of yourself for comparison
- Wear figure hugging clothes, or clothes that show your arms/stomach and thighs
- Try to make sure the photograph is from head to toe

- Wear baggy clothing
- Take the photo at night with an artificial light
- Only show half your body (how will you see the progress from all over?)



Weight is a subjective thing to be measuring, but we will record it anyway. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning, not in the afternoon or evening if you can help it. When you re-check your weight later down the track use the scales you originally weighed yourself on. If you can find out what your body fat percentage is do that too - it's more important to know this than your weight, but the tools to measure it are not as easily accessible. 

Get a measuring tape and measure yourself, or if you have another person handy get them to measure you, it will make it more accurate. You are going to measure your chest, waist, hips, arms and thighs.

Chest: measure across the centre of your chest.

Waist: measure around where your belly button is.

Hips: drop your arms by your side, note where your wrist sits, this is where you will measure around your hips.

Arms: we are are measuring the upper arm. To find the middle of your arm each time take the measurement from your shoulder, down to your elbow, divide that number in half, measure around the halfway point on your upper arm.

Thighs: stand up, place on foot up on a low bench, chair, something about 30-40cm off the ground so that your knee is at a right angle. To find the exact middle of your thigh measure from where your thigh meets your hip down to your knee, divide this measurement in half. Take the measurement around your thigh from the halfway point.