7 Day Detox Reviews

Emma, Sunshine Coast
"I have even surprised myself with the results I got in just 7 days with the Eat Run Lift Detox! After my birthday celebrations and eating too much birthday cake, naughty foods and alcohol, it was time for a much needed detox. The first couple of days were the absolute hardest but after that I found I was always full and my energy levels had gone through the roof. I loved how easy the meals were and how much flavour they gave - especially the 'No Bake Date Balls' (they were my fav mmm). My skin had also cleared up dramatically on my face, no more pimples. My face is now looking clear and flawless! Thank you again Eat Run Lift and I would highly recommend this 7-day detox for anyone!"


Nancy, México
"I have been overweight practically since I was a teen, right now I'm at my heaviest weight and I want and need a change in my life. I decided to start with the 7 Day detox program, yesterday was my last day, I lost a total of 3kgs I didnt measure my waist but I feel less bloating, I don't have any cravings and this for me is a major thing cause I really love sugar!! I feel more confident and looking forward to start your 8 week transformation."


Amy, Adelaide
"Hi Rachel, I am emailing you to say thank you soooo much! After losing about 15 kgs and coming to a complete halt and lack of motivation with my weight loss, I started the 7 day detox at 80kgs and am down to 76! Not only that, I have lost 6cm off my waist and 5cm from my stomach. 
I struggled in the first two days with headaches and fatigue (usually I would drink 3-4 coffees a day so not having any was tough) but from then on all my cravings for coffee (and sugar of any kind) was gone and I was actually really excited to get home and try these healthy vegan meals, rather than get junk on my way from work because I was too tired and couldn't be bothered. 
Now my sleeping pattern is back on track, I am exercising again and I feel so refreshed - my skin and hair feels amazing too! This has put me in a really positive mind frame for my journey to better health. Again, thank you guys so much!"


Natalie, Brisbane
"I'm a yo-yo dieter for as long as I can remember, but last year I reached a weight I was uncomfortable with and with my wedding coming up I knew I needed a change. I'm less than 4 months away from my big day and my dress is a size or so too small still, when the zipper didn't go up it was a slap in my face. I've also been a person that has a lot of problems with bloating, to the point I'd never have my pants done up as they would cut into me. I saw the 7 day detox as a test to see how well I could stick to something food related and well was I amazed this morning, I started at 74.2kg and I am now 70.3kg my pants are done up and there is room haha. I haven't been as bloated as well and when I eat healthy I always get killer headaches at the start, so I stacked up on pills expecting the worst and have not used any as I have had 0 headaches. I'm excited to start the next chapter the 8 week challenge to reach my goal to feel great in my wedding dress and have a healthier me for my future."


Chloe, Adelaide
"I lost a total of 4.1kgs and I absolutely can't believe it. I am so proud of myself, I am the binge and emotional eater. I would just like to say thank you so much, I couldn't have done it without you! I feel energised and ready to take on this 8 week challenge!"


Sushma, Brisbane
"I am a person who loves to exercise and eat healthy, but after a busy start to the year I was really eager to give my body that ‘health kick’ it much deserved. I must admit I was initially a little sceptical of the 7-day detox because I absolutely love food. I was also concerned that with my long work hours, and by wanting to continue to exercise, that I wouldn’t have enough food to sustain me throughout the day. After completing the detox I realised that I couldn’t have been more wrong. All of the food was delicious and so easy to prepare! It was great being able to go to work knowing I had a days worth of healthy food options ready to go. The first two days I did feel a drop in my energy levels. I really didn’t want my training to suffer so I followed the advice in the e-book and increased my portion sizes slightly. The rest of the week was a breeze! I lost a total of 4kg in one week, my skin cleared up, my sleeping pattern was back on track, and it gave me the motivation to continue these habits in the weeks following. I would happily do the Eat Run Lift detox again, and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to see some incredible results!"


Victoria, Brisbane
"Before and after my Eat Run Lift 7 Day Detox. Lost 3kg and 4cm off my waist but only 1.5cm off my bust, WIN!!! I'm turning 42 in five weeks so I'll be interested to see how I look after starting your 8 Week Transformation Challenge."


Beau, Brisbane, Co-Founder of Eat Run Lift
"After indulging myself with the mrs on holiday in Thailand I felt that I was not my original self. I was bloated, I felt puffy around the chest, I wasn't feeling lean. I wanted to get back to my old self and feel better. After 7 days on the detox my abs were back and I wasn't feeling drained anymore, I felt like I had energy. As a male I thought this would have been a lot more challenging than it actually was, especially because I opted for the large portions as guided by Rachel in the eBook."


Rachel, Brisbane, Co-Founder of Eat Run Lift
"After Beau and I returned from Thailand we had little bloated bellies and were lethargic. I thought this was a great opportunity for us to give our own product a test. I had lost all the definition from my stomach and was really upset about it because it had taken me so long to get to it. After 7 days I was down 2.9kg and was no longer holding water weight or bloated."


Aimee, Sydney
"My starting weight was 84.9kg and I'm currently 82.9kg on day 6. I am 168cm tall. I started the detox to kickstart my 20kg weight loss journey in a clean, simple way. I'll be honest, the first three days I had headaches I attribute to no sugar, showing how addicted I was, however I had absolutely no cravings for it. The meals are simple to make, tasty and filling and at day 6 I haven't yet had a time I've felt hungry. I'm 2kg down, less bloated and have no hesitation in recommending the Simple 7 Day Detox to anyone wanting to kickstart a clean lifestyle. Thank you Rachel."

Camille, Brisbane
"Being vegetarian, I'm always on the lookout for delicious recipes that are easy to make, but often find myself uninspired. I lead an incredibly busy lifestyle and eating healthy together with staying fit is extremely important to me, so when the 7 Day Detox came out I knew I had to get it - I had only just come back from holidays overseas, and I knew the meals were just what I was looking for when it came to simple, nutritious, homemade food. Everything is so simple and affordable, the recipes help you incorporate a greater variety of veggies, fruits and grains into your diet, and what's more is that they're so delicious, you'll actually look forward to brining leftovers to work the next day. All these recipes now make regular appearances in my weekly meal plans - I love them that much!"

8WTC Reviews

Tyler, Perth
"I decided to take part in this challenge as a way to kick my own ass. 8 weeks ago I was lazy, I hated going to the gym, and I was constantly unhappy with myself. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and although my symptoms are mild, I have always found it easy to gain weight and very difficult to lose it. In the past 2 years I have gained nearly 20 kilos. When I weighed myself 8 weeks ago, that was all I needed to see to confirm that I needed this.Although I have only lost 3.5 kilos, I have made huge changes on my lifestyle, and I now enjoy working out. I know that these habits will stay with me for life, and I'm happy to say that after only 8 weeks, I'm seeing the results that I need to keep me going. Thankyou so much to Beau & Rachel for all the love, support, and time that you put into this program."


Lauren, Brisbane
"First of all - thank you! As a kid and young adult I had always been very athletic and fit. I competed for Australia as a dancer and an Ice Figure Skater at a National level. However, at the beginning of 2013 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour which seriously affected my overall physical health and mental health. I had treatment through 2013 and had surgery in 2014. I have since been beating myself up about my very poor fitness level. My doctor told me a few months ago that I need to get back in shape because I need to give myself the best opportunity to recovery. After doing this 8 week challenge I am so proud of myself for learning to harness my frustrations into a positive attitude towards working out. I have lost 8kg and have gained a positive outlook! My general happiness and fitness have really improved - I work in a childcare centre and now I actually look forward to going to work and playing and running around with the children because I no longer feel 'puffed'. My body shape, fitness, happiness and even skin have all improved!!

Thank you so much for giving us ALL the tools we need to succeed. This is the first challenge I've ever done where I didn't skip a single work out. I will admit I let myself down by not always eating how I should but I am not disheartened because I know I have worked my butt off (my current goal is to stick to a good diet!) Once again thank you so much - I finally feel like 'me' again and I know I am going to smash through all my future fitness and health goals too!"


Melissa, Melbourne
"I was ~65kgs when I started and now I'm at 56kgs! Before I did the 8WTC I was already eating really healthy - no refined sugar, vegan, no alcohol, no smoking, limited gluten intake (once or twice a week) but I didn't really do any workouts to target areas, just cardio (I walk a minimum of 6-8km a day as I don't have a car and I jump on my giant trampoline a lot too haha). I started eating better in September last year when I was at 86kgs, since then I've basically lost 5kg a month since quitting refined sugar haha. It's insane! Your challenge has helped me in so many ways though! It helped me begin exercising in ways where I can actually feel AND SEE  difference. I am now more toned, fitter and stronger. I used to collapse after a 20 second plank and now I can hit over a minute happily! I can also walk a lot faster without getting too puffed out after a few km! I still can't do a proper push-up, but I am getting there slowly! I can't wait!"


Clarissa, Italy
"I am really happy with the results I got, I am thankful! My way of thinking and looking about food has changed, now I live a better life, definitely more healthy: I learned to appreciate a lifestyle that not belonged to me and I learned to appreciate physical activity (FINALLY!). I learned to appreciate myself for who I am. Thank you, thank you very much :) I send you a big hug!"


Nicole, Melbourne
"Thank you to boss lady Rach and boss man beau for giving me the tools and guidance to go from slug to jungle cat. You guys are awesome. Seriously. Having my workouts for the weeks planned out, teamed with the guidance of what foods to gravitate toward and which to try and avoid made me feel the best I have EVER felt. I am strong, I am fit and I am healthy. (And hell, if I can conquer mountain climbers and plank ups, I can conquer anything).


Emma, Netherlands
"Thank you and Beau so much for everything! For someone who's struggled so long with my weight, this challenge and the success at the end was what I needed to get back on track to being the best I can physically be! Thanks a billion"
Thank you and Beau so much for everything!


Gabriela, California
"When I was younger I was a very active person, over the years exercise became a chore. I had always enjoyed outdoor activity but I ate excessively, depression played a lot into that. After high school the little exercise I was doing stopped and I ate my way to obesity. I love food! Tacos, pizza, burritos, pasta, nachos, anything fried and salty called my attention.. not to mention all the sweets! Ever since I can remember I've had this image in my head of the way that I'm supposed to look. I remember telling my mom one day, I'm not supposed to be this heavy, what is wrong with me! I'd cry and cry. I would try to cut back on food and exercise but I never stuck to anything, and when I did loose weight I'd gain it back because I had no inspiration or motivation. I started following Rachel last year and she inspired me to eat healthier with her recipes and to step up my game. Then something amazing  happened! The 8 week transformation was created by you guys, I was stoked. I thought, "This is my chance to step up my game! your turning 30 on Jan12, if you don't do this now, you won't do it ever." It was hard to maintain the workout schedule at first, a few weeks passed and it got easier. I started upping my cardio. I started to eat healthier, no fast food, no milk, no pasta, no refined sugars. I started feeling more energetic and happier, almost as if a fog had been lifted. I occasionally have a cheat day and eat whatever I fancy, but I notice that I can't eat like I used to, I get full quicker and the food is not as tasty. Usual chores around the house became a breeze. I remember thinking during the circuit sessions, "I can't do it anymore.. I'm just going to stop, I can't do this! It hurts!" But I didn't give up because I kept thinking about Rachel's results and the fact that she was going to school and working 2 jobs! Also seeing so many others working their butts off to achieve their goals. I pushed myself and finally saw results. If others can do it, why not me!

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