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Welcome to Eat Run Lift Online Personal Training and congratulations on beginning your personal training program!

We are delighted you chose us as a part of your commitment to health and fitness. With the help of your chosen fitness professional, you will improve your ability to accomplish your training goals faster, safer, and with maximum results. In order to enhance your progress, it is important to follow program guidelines correctly. Remember, exercise and healthy eating are EQUALLY important!

The following information will provide you with important program policies. By entering your details into our merchant system you acknowledge that you have read and understand the following information.

Personal Training Information
In consideration of the mutual promises exchanged herein and other good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:

1.    Age: By filling out our merchant agreement you (Client) are agreeing that you are either over the age of 18 years, or have the direct consent of a parent or guardian to complete this program.

2.    Commitment: By purchasing Sessions, Client is making a commitment to his/her health. Clients should follow the program and instructions of their Trainer to the best of their ability to maximise their results and better achieve their goals. Remember, the ultimate results are up to the Client. The Trainer will show the Client how to work his/her muscles correctly and encourage him/her to go to his/her safe limit, but Client is the only one who can make sure he/she works out consistently, eats properly, gets plenty of sleep, and lives a healthy lifestyle.

3.    Medical: It is up to Client to seek out a medical screening and ensure that they are able to safely take part in a personal training program.

4.    Specifics: Trainer and Client shall agree upon the program type, and content of the personal training sessions.

5.    Stopping Exercises: Client may refuse or stop any exercise for any reason. It is Client’s responsibility to notify Trainer of any discomfort or pain arising from or during exercise, as well as, any and all other known limitations Client has or experiences so that Trainer may accommodate Client and substitute another exercise to work that particular muscle group.

6.    Payment: All payments must be made in advance of sessions via a direct debit system, this price is set in Australian Dollars, and so the amount withdrawn from Client’s bank account will be reflective of the exchange rate to their local currency at the time of direct debit.

7.    Program/Session Block Price: The minimum investment for an Eat Run Lift Online Training program is 12 weeks at AU$29.97 per week, there is no refund for any and all payments for that program. By committing to your chosen program you are committing to paying for that program in full, regardless of whether or not you complete it. If you cease training before your program duration is complete and are on a weekly payment plan, the weekly payments will continue until your program is paid for in full.

8.    Session Block Expiry: After your 12 week program has ceased you can either end your training, or training will continue to roll over on a monthly basis and the client must provide 14 days cancellation notice via email to Trainer.

9.    Diet: Trainer can recommend foods and give supplement suggestions to Client, however it is the responsibility of Client to ensure that what they are eating during the program will not cause them further health complications. Please ensure Trainer is aware of allergies, intolerances, or specific dietary guidelines Client wishes to adhere to.


So what happens now?

Within the next 48 hours your customised training program will be developed by your Eat Run Lift Fitness Professional.

Please download the Total Coaching app and log in with the details that have previously been emailed to you.
-       Take a before photograph (full length, wearing exercise clothes works best to show your figure)
-       Take your measurements (bust, waist [around belly button], hips, arms and thigh)
-       Begin logging your food in the Nutrition Tracking section of the Total Coaching app. Please keep this honest as it helps us see any vitamin or mineral deficiencies you may have! J

If at any stage you need to contact your Trainer please do so through instant messaging in the Total Coaching app or via Skype.


We’re so excited to be working with you!