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8 Week Transformation Challenge


  • Discover how you can transform your body through training and nutrition
  • 8 week circuit, HIIT and cardio plan
  • Beat your weight loss plateau or get a fitness routine started
  • Easy to follow with a detailed training plan
  • Designed to get you looking leaner and more toned
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • No gym membership needed  Read more >
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Get Lean: Nutrition Guide

  • Specifically designed to help women achieve the best results possible
  • 70+ page ebook which will help make healthy eating simple
  • Learn what you should be eating for your body type, when the best time of day is to eat certain foods and what portion sizes work best
  • 25 innovative yet simple, healthy recipes
  • Get Lean: Nutrition will have you eating in a sustainable, healthy way for long-term results
  • No drastic calorie restriction, and no crazy fad diet. Read more >
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Simple 7 Day Detox

  • Beat the excess weight, water retention, frequent colds or bad skin
  • Destroy your addictions to sugary or fatty foods
  • No expensive supplements, no juicing gimmicks
  • Real nutritious food plan, designed to only take 7 days
  • Improve quality of skin and sleep Read more >
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Get Lean: Training Plan

  • Specifically designed for women
  • The Get Lean training plan is like your own personal trainer
  • 3 different eBooks, each designed specifically for the 3 main body types Learn your body type >
  • Written by strength and conditioning sports specialist trainer Beau Bressington
  • 6 month training plan which will take you from the beginning and teach you how to advance in your workouts
  • Full weights program for the gym Read more>
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