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"I have even surprised myself with the results I got in just 7 days with the Eat Run Lift detox! After my birthday celebrations and eating too much birthday cake, naughty foods and alcohol, it was time for a much needed detox. The first couple of days were the absolute hardest but after that I found I was always full and my energy levels had gone through the roof. I loved how easy the meals were and how much flavour they gave - especially the 'No Bake Date Balls' (they were my fav mmm). My skin had also cleared up dramatically on my face, no more pimples. My face is now looking clear and flawless! Thank you again Eat Run Lift, and I would highly recommend this 7-day detox to anyone!"



"I have been overweight practically since I was a teen, right now I'm at my heaviest weight and I want and need a change in my life. I decided to start with the 7 Day Detox program, yesterday was my last day, I lost a total of 3kgs, I didn't measure my waist but I feel less bloating. I don't have any cravings and this for me is a major thing cause I really love sugar!! I feel more confident and am looking forward to starting your 8 week transformation."



"Hi Rachel, I am emailing you to say thank you soooo much! After losing about 15kgs and coming to a complete halt and lack of motivation with my weight loss, I started the 7 day detox at 80kgs and am down to 76! Not only that, I have lost 6cm off my waist and 5cm from my stomach.

I struggled in the first two days with headaches and fatigue (usually I would drink 3-4 coffees a day so not having any was tough) but from then on all my cravings for coffee (and sugar of any kind) was gone and I was actually really excited to get home and try these healthy vegan meals, rather than get junk on my way from work because I was too tired and couldn't be bothered.

Now my sleeping pattern is back on track, I am exercising again and I feel so refreshed - my skin and hair feels amazing too! This has put me in a really positive mind frame for my journey to better health. Again, thank you guys so much."