Get Lean: Mesomorph
Left: 2013 Get Lean: Jan '16 - Jul '16

"Three years ago, the only part of Eat Run Lift I had down pat was Eat, and certainly not in a good way.  In April 2013, I tipped the scales at 101kg, and I was miserable.  

I had to make a change, and so I began the long process of educating myself in both exercise and nutrition. I managed to lose the first 30kg by employing a steady state cardio focused fitness regime, and overhauling my diet.  And then I got stuck.  

I wasn't losing much weight anymore, and even though I was a more acceptable clothing size, I really wasn't happy with how I looked either. I've been training using the Eat Run Lift mesomorph Get Lean Exercise Guide for a while now, and the results for me have been outstanding.  My body responds well to the training prescribed to me, and physically and mentally, I've never been stronger. I love that it's just so simple to follow a set plan, and stick to it.  I'm not left at a loss for what to do when I train, and that makes my time in the gym very economical. Nobody wants to spend hours in the gym doing exercises that don't even suit their body type.  Get in, get it done, get on with your life."


Get Lean: Ectomorph
Jan 16' - Jul '16

"Since I've incorporated the Get lean guide into my daily routine, not only have I been able to increase my upper body strength, being a hair stylist I needed this, but I have noticed a significant difference in my health and day to day fitness, not to mention those booty gains! The ectomorph training program is great for girls like myself who want to fill out their outfits, look great and feel comfortable."


Get Lean: Endomorph
Sep '15 - Jul '16

"In September 2015, at 40, I was suffering from exhaustion, depression and I had a severe case of bursitis in my hips. I was severely overweight. I had enough, I didn't like the way my excess weight was affecting my body and mind. However, I was apprehensive about going to a gym and of course the pain of doing any exercise. I didn't think it was possible that I could ever get fit and healthy again. The thought of sitting on the couch and eating cupcakes seemed much easier.

I happened to come across Rachel Aust, an inspiring and positive young lady. She introduced me to Beau Bressington. This day, September 29, 2015, my life changed. Beau helped me see that it was possible to make a difference in my life, having suffered many body ailments himself, I trusted his guidance and his Get Lean training program. He eased me into fitness and a specialised program for my body which included exercise for weight loss, endurance and strength, as well as some guidance with my diet and a light detox to get me started.

I have dropped 37 kilograms, I was a size 26 when I started and now I am a much healthier 16. If that wasn't enough, I can run. I haven't been able to run my whole adult life. Now I can't imagine a world without fitness. Thankyou Beau, thankyou Eat Run Lift for giving me a pain free, healthy life back."