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Learn what you should be eating for your body type, when the best time of day is to eat certain foods and what portion sizes work best

70+ page eBook which includes recipes based on your body type, tips to help you repair your metabolism, and innovative, yet simple healthy recipes.

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nourish your body

There are so many food guides online and they all tell everyone to follow the same plan. But how does your body react to food? Everyone is different.
Should you be eating more carbohydrates? Or less? 5 meals a day? Or 3?
The Get Lean Nutrition Guide will give you what you need to know for sustainable weight loss and health.

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smart eating

  • Get Lean: Nutrition will have you eating in a sustainable, healthy way for long-term results
  • No drastic calorie restriction, and no crazy fad diet (please note: this is not a ketogenic, paleo, etc diet plan. It's a clean eating plan designed for different body types).



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“This is my favourite guide from Eat Run Lift! I love finding healthy recipes on blogs and YouTube, but the nutrition guide has been the first to explain to me how I should be changing recipes to suit my body type better. It’s definitely been helping with my energy levels and training too.”

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“For someone who really struggles with cooking, this book made it super easy for me to whip up something healthy (and delicious) without worrying about trying to follow complicated recipes outside of my skill level. After switching to Rach’s meals, I’ve found myself to be less bloated. I also have a lot more energy!”

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“As a vegetarian I’m usually worried that my diet won’t be covered in an eBook, but Eat Run Lift always give options that suit me. I can’t believe how big of a difference I noticed in my body since I adjusted my macronutrient ratios to suit my body type. This book covers way more than just good recipes.”


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