Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

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Many people ask whether or not there are significant benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and whether or not it should be part of their regular workout regime. The truth is, and when I say that, this is information which is scientifically-proven, it is the ideal type of workout to make-up part of your exercise routine, especially if you have a hectic schedule or are short of spare time.

You can actually achieve more in a single 20-minute HIIT session, than a drawn-out hour-long session on a treadmill – FACT.

After just a fortnight of HIIT, you can enhance your aerobic capacity to the same extent as if you had done 8 weeks of endurance training – FACT.

If these two facts alone aren’t enough to convince you, here are some of the key advantages to HIIT training to further solidify why you should be training like this for 2-3 sessions weekly.


Improve your Heart Health

Whether or not you are accustomed to peaking your sessions to the dizzy heights where you almost can’t breathe, and your heart is pumping so hard, it feels like it’s about to break out of your chest. HIIT is proven to increase your heart health, improve your blood flow, and strengthens the capabilities within just a matter of months. It is also considered easier to push yourself to an anaerobic level because you have it firmly set in your mind that an immediate rest period is coming along very shortly.

No Equipment Required

HIIT can be anywhere, at any time, without the need to invest in or have the use of any machinery. No gym memberships are required, just commitment to the cause and an appetite for success. Although, a towel is recommended for afterward!

Burn Fat Like Never Before

If you are trying to slim-down and retain muscle mass, it can be a real balancing act. It is scientifically stated that by doing HIIT, those who are trying to lose weight, can do so while retaining their muscles with the weight loss predominantly coming from the fat stores. The other obvious advantage is that you will burn more calories in a much shorter space of time too. After doing a HIIT session, the repair cycle of the body goes wild! In the 24-hours following your session, the body is still burning away calories and fat.

Boost your Metabolism

As well as the increased fat-burning capabilities, HIIT encourages the production of your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) by as much as 450% for the day following your session. For those of you who don’t know, HGH can slow down the aging process, improve caloric burn and generally make you feel stronger and more youthful from the inside out.

Build-Up Your Endurance

This type of training allows you to enhance your endurance by adapting to the cell-structure of the muscles. You can significantly build up your endurance over a short period of time by doing regular HIIT workouts.

Enhanced Oxygen Consumption

So, you might be asking, what difference will this make? Well, quite a big one. Oxygen consumption is important for the effective functioning of the muscles. HIIT training is the perfect way to improve this. Traditionally, endurance training was considered to be the most effective way to do this. However, there is evidence that states you can get the same benefits in less time through this type of training. 


How to Get Started with HIIT

One of the other great benefits of doing HIIT is that you can choose your preferred type of exercise and mix-it-up whenever you fancy a change or get bored of your current regime.  Running, biking, rowing, squats, skipping and more; there are so many different options. We also have a handy My HIIT Guide for those looking to do one-off HIIT workouts.

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To get started, simply choose what activity you want to do. Experts suggest that you do 3 sessions a week, however, at the start, and because everyone is different, you can experiment with the duration you do your HIIT for, and how long you give yourself to recover afterward.

Typically, those who are looking to get started with HIIT will begin with 30 seconds of hard pace, followed by a 2-3-minute resting period, and continue this sequence for between 15-30 minutes. This is ideal for cycling or running.

If you prefer to do squats or skipping, you can apply the same principle. Do either of these for between 30-90 seconds, then rest for the same period. Continue this pattern for between 10-15 minutes.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started, and you can easily vary the timings and types of exercises you do with HIIT.

This is one of the best things about it and probably the reason why so many who start out training in this way, continue to do so with drive, determination and of course, with results. 




Why you can use more than just your treadmill... by Beau.

When it comes to losing weight most people think that going for a run or doing some cardio is going to make them burn the fat they ate over Christmas, but the truth is there are better ways to get it done, mainly through healthy eating and weights!

When you go for a run or a jog your body is working in its aerobic system which means most of the energy that gets burnt is fat, but not efficiently enough to result in massive weight loss, this is also a low intensity exercise that mainly helps your fitness levels increase by helping oxygen travel through out the body faster. In an hour of jogging your body only burns approximately 478 calories whereas an hour of weights will burn twice as much due to an after-burn effect where your body is trying to recover and repair from haemoglobin supplied through your white blood cells. So your body is actively trying to fix all the tearing of your muscle caused by the contractions you did whilst lifting. Think of all dem gains brah!

Lets talk more about how weights are more beneficial to burn fat than running.

When we do weights we use our phosphate energy system that relies on carbs to fuel our muscles, so the harder we train and more effort we put in, the more that burger you had for lunch will just be a figment of your imagination! Want to sit on your butt and burn calories faster than a runner? Yeah? Cooooooool! Go lift some weights! Your metabolism increases when you are following a strength program which creates lean muscle mass, the more muscle you have, the more your body will eat up calories, that’s why you see body builders or athletes eating 1000s of cals a day just so their body has enough energy to perform. You may not be LeBron James or The Rock, but your body is a machine that needs fuel and eating the correct amount of calories a day will see you drop weight and get lean in no time, even if you have got a great composition of muscle and you have a week of bad eating, those kgs will come off faster than they did before.

I’m not saying to stop running, all I’m saying is that you need to have an even work out program that lets you cover your weight loss, muscle gains, fitness levels and healthy eating. Its all about balance and getting sh!t done. Most of the time people will fail because they don’t stick to a program or they fall off a healthy eating plan. If you can’t get to a gym, calisthenics and HIIT is your best alternative to weight training. Don’t know what it is? Well then jump on our 8 week challenge to get the right start to your 2015!



HIIT Me With Your Best Shot


When I talk about cardio with a client, it's not about going for a run or sitting on the bike at the gym for an hour, it's about training  smarter, not harder, although going your hardest will get the most results. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is about pushing through your lactic system so you can burn fats and carbs more efficiently than you would just doing a low-intensity cardio exercise.

Lactic acid is the only thing that will hold you back from going 100% through your workout and the one way to stop it is oxygen intake. So you're 5 mins into your HIIT session and you feel like you're going to spew…? This is from the lack of oxygen going to your brain, it's too busy making it's way down to the muscles that you are currently using, your heart is pounding and that's a result of your heart's BPM (Beats Per Minute) going through the roof! It's working so hard to get oxygen to your muscles and circulating so fast through your body that it's actually heating up your core temperature, which ultimately results in fat burning.

Your ultimate fat-burning zone is achieved when your heart rate is between 115-145 bpm. To determine what your fat-burning zone heart rate is supposed to be use the following simple formula: Take 220 and minus your current age = this equals your MHR (Age predicted maximum heart rate). To get the low-end of your fat-burning zone multiply your MHR by 0.6 and to get to the high-end of your fat-burning zone multiply your MHR by 0.75.

E.G. 35 year old Finding MHR: 220-35 = 185 Low-end of fat-burning zone: 185 x 0.6 = 111 beats per minute High-end of fat-burning zone: 188 x 0.75 = 139 beats per minute.

When it comes to exercise things can be fun and challenging at the same time! Just make sure you do things that make you feel you are working at your hardest between 10-30% of the time.

Exercises that are often used in HIIT are: Crunches Sit ups Push ups Jump squats Kettle bell swings Medicine ball throws Battling ropes Skipping Lunge walks Mountain climbers Thrusters Boxing Burpees Planks Sleds Box jumps Hammers Tyre flipping

Remember to stretch and eat well for best results!