Doctor, Who? Does Your GP Know What You Need?

Does Your GP Know What You Need?
Beau Bressington

How many times have you come back from the doctors with no answers, still scratching your head a week later and thinking that nothing has changed, and that you haven't seen any improvement in your health? I bet it's more than amount of fingers you have on your hands. Do you start to ask yourself if your doctor is an idiot or if the pain is all in your head? I know I do!

As many of you know I have Fibromyalgia, an Auto Immune Disease that has a number of symptoms and side effects. Since I've had it I've seen it get worse and dramatically better in the space of 12 months. Who helped me? Not doctors, all they wanted to do was pump me with pills which made me feel even worse if I missed taking one, so I decided to try another option. A Naturopath.

I started helping myself initially with a lot of the ATP science products, mainly Cort RX, after a while I saw great results, and I applied to be apart of a small knit community known as The "ATP Tribe" a group of like minded Health Professionals, Customers and the guys who run the company. One of the members was Jess Blair, a clinical nutritionist (the step before naturopath) she had previously been a bikini competitor which meant she was on the same wave length as Rachel and myself, fitness, but on a natural level.

We booked in to see Jess in a week, answered a couple of questions online and explained our situation. I didn't know what to expect, was she some hippy lady in a corner burning incense or was she going to question everything I had been doing and judging me? Nope, none of that, just chatting like a group of people in relation to the answers we gave her online about our problems. She also asked us to bring in our blood test results that we got done by our doctor a few weeks earlier....... Let's skip back in time for a sec. Rachel and I wanted to get our hormones tested again as we both know that they aren't the best. When we went back to the doctors, they told me there was no concern everything is normal. Now this is the point of this post... even though I don't feel normal, I know I'm not. The range for a doctor for someone to be normal is a lot broader than it is for a specialist, nutritionist or naturopath. "You don't want to be normal, you want to be optimal," Jess explains. Looking over my blood test results, Jess shows me testosterone, normal range is 11-41. I'm 12. Now this is pretty concerning to me, as testosterone is what helps us maintain muscle, strength, reproductive systems and burn fat, as well as motivation and stable mindset. Why would I want to be on the bottom end of normal? I want to be smack bang in the middle!

So after the hour chat, Rachel and I went home and got a follow up email from Jess explaining how we can get our hormones healthier. We already had the exercise down, we were eating healthy, and we're both quite fit, but we want to be next level. Diet is how we are going to attack this, and it's not a fad diet, we've taken her guidelines and created something that suits our needs, health specifications and budget. After I did the anti-candida protocol and saw dramatic changes, it was time to step up my game. Adding a smorgasbord board of vitamins and minerals, and health supplements I've seen a noticeable change in pain over the last 3 weeks.

If you aren't seeing changes I urge you to get in contact with a naturopath, and get your health sorted today. It's the only thing you have that supports you, make this relationship work.