new years


Your New Years Checklist

So the clock struck 12, and now it's 2017. Remember how a few weeks ago you decided to make some changes... maybe get on top of your fitness as your new year’s resolution. Now that it's here, knowing where to start is the biggest obstacle.  What is going to suit you: time-wise, goal-wise and budget-wise. Depending on the type of person you are, you may be able to just step in the gym and pick it up from there, but knowing what all the machines do, how many reps to do, when do you have your protein shake and if butter is a carb? These are all the things that may put up road blocks before you even start.

So with that in mind, this is your NYR Checklist:

1.     Get a program: it’s the easiest way to start. It's planned for you, it takes out all the guessing, you just have to do all the hard work. Programs can be done up by Personal Trainers, Online Coaches, 12 Week Challenges or you can find an eBook. Each option has it's ups and downs, so choose one that is going to get you results.

2.     Set a goal. This is your absolute dream, what you picture in your head when all the hard work is done. Make it specific: date, location, what you will look like, where on your body you want to see the change, how much weight/muscle, what you want to feel like etc. Write it all down and put it in a place you can see.

3.     Throw out all of your junk food. This can be a cleansing process. Refined carbs, sugary treats, soft drinks. Anything that you know is naughty, throw it out. This will help you resist temptation, boredom is one of the many reasons we overeat.

4.     Set missions throughout. So let’s say the first mission is to get to the middle of February and stay on track with the plan. Having mini goals to look forward to helps the time pass, as results won't happen over night, so you must be patient! Set little reminders in your diary.

5.     Always have a bottle of water. Keeping hydrated can increase energy levels, keep you healthy and help fight of food cravings.

6.     Up your game, some people will plateau throughout their fitness journey, so it's up to you to find out why... you can get a PT, see a dietitian, naturopath, do more exercise, research vitamins and minerals, start using supplements, there is a whole new level you can step up to.

7.     If you fall off the program, don’t worry, don’t stress. The last thing you want to do get upset and feel like you haven’t done anything. You have laid down the foundation for what is your fitness journey. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are your biceps.

8.     Assess! If its not working, are you doing the right thing for your goals? Are you just going for runs, are just lifting weights, have you been doing any ab work?  Making sure you are following the right program for you goals is integral to your outcome. I've seen a lot of people doing the wrong things when it comes to there pushing forward and trying to achieve results. Your body type plays a big role in what you have to do. Weights or Cardio, do you want to be strong and lean or do you have a few extra KGs to lose? The ERL12 challenge was put together to help define your body. Not everyone wants to be skinny, some people actually want to be bigger, and that’s including girls, if you want a nice butt to look nice in a pair of jeans, you're not just going to go for walks. We designed the programs so you can do what you want to do, beginner, intermediate, advanced, the ERL12 will get you results. Registrations for the January round of ERL12 are still currently open. The next 12 week program will begin January 16, 2017. Register here today>>>