Rise and Shine

By Beau

This is the second time I’ve written this blog post - so I hope I remember everything! 

I’m writing this from bed now knowing I have to go to sleep, I have a client at 7am so that means waking up early and getting there on time. It’s funny, a year ago I never had anyone before 11am, let alone 6am. I found it hard to get to sleep, staying up 'til 3 doing nothing, just looking at the ceiling. 

About 3 months ago I became the busiest I had ever been, 70 sessions per week booked in and I only had time left for clients at 6am. I had never done such an early start before, but I was just like YOLO!

I set my alarms and I got there and I couldn’t believe how many people were there, and here I am thinking, "There is a 6 o’clock in the morning now?" The gym was packed, it had a great vibe, and I was digging this! My client had a great session and I was happy and full of energy so instead of going home I did my paperwork, sent some emails and even trained my self, all of this done and it was only 9am, crazy! After having her booked in I felt it was a waste not to utilise my time around it, so I had more clients booked in and my mornings were packed! This is it, I have become a morning person!

So after such a long intro I’m going to give you 5 tips on how to transform from a nighttime person, to a morning person!

1.     Set alarms, you have to do this! You need to make sure something is waking you up in the morning. If you sleep through your first alarm set a second or a third! You can’t fall away from the routine, stick to the plan. It will be hard on day one, but you need to be consistent!

2.     Go to sleep at a certain time every night, it may be hard to force yourself to go to sleep but your body will need the rest so it has enough energy for tomorrow and recovery from your day just gone! If sleeping is a challenge for you I really recommend creating a routine before you go to bed. Have a shower, brush your teeth, do some stretches or read a book. Stick away from things like scrolling through Facebook or Instagram because they can over stimulate your brain and keep it running in to the later hours.

3.     Make a routine, training program or some sort of commitment in the morning, something you have to be at. If you have a PT I find a lot of people book in with me to make sure they are sticking to something, and sticking to something at 6 am is a bit harder than something in the afternoon. Stick to it, do it with someone else and don’t let them down!

4.     If your routine you have doesn’t consist of doing something early in the morning still get up at the same time and do something new, send emails, stretch, do some cleaning, whatever! Keep your body clock consistent and it will get easier to wake up everyday

5.     Last but not least, caffeine!!! I don’t recommend this all the time but when you need to try and wake up and your head isn’t in the game have a coffee or a stimulant supplement. I used these when I first started getting up and felt that it really did improve my focus, energy and getting my day started! Don’t do it all the time, just when it is needed, as it can be very addictive!

Well I hope you are ready for bed and excited about tackling your morning duties! If I can change so can you!