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9 Best Foods To Power Your Workouts!

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As we all know, a regular workout is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and is extremely critical for both your physical and mental wellbeing. There is a huge variety of food you can eat that will help you to fuel your workouts, and in this post, we uncover some of the greats!



These are the most readily available food items which are packed with protein. Eggs play a key role in regulating the amount of testosterone in the body as well as strengthening the muscular cell membranes. Research has also confirmed that a person who consumes about three eggs a day develops muscular mass and strength twice as much as those who consume no eggs. 


Organic Beef

As with eggs, Organic Beef is another extremely effective source of abundant protein that also helps to boost growth and strength.



This is a vital source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. It improves insulin responsiveness which amplifies protein synthesis and enhances the uptake of amino acids and glucose. Omega –3s also helps in reserving glycogen to enlarge the muscles. Another vital aspect about this almighty food is that Salmon is a significant source of anti-inflammatory compounds that are required to help the muscles to recover after a rigorous workout session. Simply put, Salmon is one of the best foods to consume to fuel your workout, and if not already in your stores, you should be buying this in on a regular basis.



So we all know that eating fruit is good for your health. But Apples? Yes, apples are a great source of fuel that can really help you to invigorate your workout. Apples are brimming with “Quercetin" which significantly uplifts the metabolism and improves longevity and endurance. If you develop a good stamina, you will be able to exercise more regularly and effectively.


Wheat Germ

Is another essential you must include on your shopping list. It is full of zinc, potassium, and iron and consists of essential fibres that can help decelerate the digestion of carbohydrates. It is rich in "octacosanol" which enhances both muscle strength and endurance and also improves reaction time in runners. 



Another fibre-rich food that is prime to help you fuel your workouts, and are able to slowly release carbohydrates in the body. They promote a consistent flow of carbohydrates rather than a spike, which helps in stabilising the energy levels during the workout session.



These yellow gems have proven their worth and are highly beneficial for keeping your nutrient levels high, as well as helping to keep the body calm. Bananas, however, work best when consumed before a workout session because the body is unable to store potassium for any prolonged period of time. Bananas are also enriched with anti-oxidants which help in minimising free radical damage. Although not essential for fuelling workouts, this is for your added reassurance that Bananas are good!



Not only are they tasty and again, another fruit which is a double tick on our list. Watermelon is also rich in amino acid citrulline which raises the quantity of arginine. A Higher quantity of arginine increases the level of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is crucial to uplift the flow of blood flow to muscles that help the muscles to grow effectively and boost their recovery. Watermelons are rapidly digested as well, which raises the amount of insulin. They are best to be consumed after a workout.



Spinach is another item that has made it on our list! It is high in glutamine and anti-oxidants, both of which help with the development of the muscles, improve the metabolic rate and boost your immune function.


These are just 9 of the finest foods that will leave you fuelled-up beyond belief for your workouts. Not only will you feel like you have an abundance of energy, your muscle performance and recovery will also be substantially affected as well. 

That’s a Win-Win-Win by our books!