Recipe: Almond Milk

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(per 1 cup) approximately 65kcal / 1 P / 4.5 C / 5 F

Every now and again I like to whip up a batch of home made almond milk. I wish I could do this all the time, but alas, I cannot keep up with how much Mitch needs hahah. It’s a great alternative over store bought, where ‘almonds’ themselves are so low in the ingredients list.

If you purchase blanched almonds the process is quite easy! And almond milk is rich in vitamins and minerals, and is particularly known for it’s high levels of vitamin E. Every 1 cup of of almonds will yield 2 cups of almond milk.

Ingredients (to make 4 cups)

  • 2 cups blanched almonds (that’s almonds without the skin)

  • 8 cups water

  • 1 tbsp vanilla bean extract

  • 1.5 tbsp raw honey


  1. Place the blanched almonds in a large bowl with water to soak for 24-48 hours. I find them best after 48. We’re choosing blanched almonds so that you don’t have to stand and peel off the skins. If you make almond milk with the skin it will taste very bitter, and if you choose to peel of the skins the whole process will take a lot longer

  2. Cover the bowl of almonds and water in a linen cloth or tea towel so nothing can get in

  3. After the almonds have soaked, drain the water they’re sitting in and rinse them under cool water

  4. Now we will be making two batches so that we don’t overfill the blender haha. Repeat these next steps twice to create the full yield

  5. Take 1 cup of soft almonds, and place them into a blender with 4 cups of water (use more water if you want it less creamy), 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract, and just under a tablespoon of raw honey

  6. Blend the mixture well

  7. Place a cheesecloth over a glass jug (or some other container to catch the milk)

  8. Pour the contents of the blender through the cheese cloth

  9. Tie up the cheese cloth and begin to squeeze the almond milk through the cloth into your glass jug (the left over almond residue inside can be baked and turned into almond meal)

  10. Repeat this step to create full yield

  11. Pour contents from glass jug into your preferred preserving jar or milk bottle, and refrigerate before serving!