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Enough is Enough: How to know your limits

So you have either passed out on the floor or just gone and thrown up in the toilet and you’re thinking, do I keep on going? Or do I stop? When is “Enough is Enough”?

 There comes a time where you have to think to yourself, 'Is this just hard or am I actually about to die?' There is a fine line on when you should decide to stop exercising because you have hit your wall.

Whether you are doing weights of cardio, it really comes down to what your goal and mission is in your program. When training weights you are really trying to stick to a program that is structured, if you are doing say a deadlift in your program, you should really be aiming for the set number of reps that’s there.

If you’re following one of the Get Lean programs the progression of sets should give you the ability to complete each set and program feeling exhausted and fatigued, but you should be able to complete every rep and set! 

Doing HIIT or cardio on the other hand is a bit different, because you’re focusing on using more glycogen and oxygen, so your level of fitness and glycogen supply both play a big role. My rule is make sure you eat a bit before you train, even if it's just something like a banana, something light before a HIIT session, and during your session make sure you have a bottle of water with BCAAs or at least just plain water by your side. The second part is doing a structured program of HIIT, don’t start with something that is crazy and going to make your heart rate spike too fast, otherwise you’re going to deplete your glycogen levels too fast. Imagine there are stages: start easy for the first exercise, step it up and do something a bit challenging, then something that is going to get you to the peak of your fitness. If this is making you feel dizzy, you’re getting there. Be wary and keep on going, try and complete the sets and rest and relax, catch your breath and then complete the next exercise.

If you can’t make it through this and you feel like you’re going to puke, STOP!!!! Sit down, lie down and breathe! Whatever you do try and stop your self from throwing up, you’re trying to get fitter and build a tolerance to lactic acid, so don’t go and undo all of that hard work by sending it down the loo! Don’t worry next week will be easier and the month following you will be close to a pro!

The thing you have to think of, 'Is this going to actually kill me or am I making up excuses for myself?'