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my hiit guide

your body. your workout.


My HIIT Guide is designed to be followed any time. No need to feel like you're falling behind on a program, simply pick it up, choose your workout, and go! The guide covers multiple training styles, and on top of that you can choose what body area you'd like to focus on and go from there! 


  • Individual workouts instead of a set training program
  • You'll never feel like you're falling behind, because you choose what you want to train each time
  • Includes exercise chart covering difficulty level and muscle group targeting
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no gym needed

  • No need for equipment to complete the My HIIT Guide training program
  • My HIIT Guide allows for progression and includes exercises where extra resistance can be added later on, if that suits your goals and fitness level
  • All you'll need is a place to work out at home!


  • Covers workouts from beginner, to advanced, to athlete
  • Visual guide embedded into each workout for your reference
  • Timer-based workouts included
  • Easy to read layout


download straight to your phone or computer

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use with get lean

Do you already have our Get Lean training program designed specifically for your body type? Perfect! You can use My HIIT Guide on the HIIT Training days as part of your existing plan.
We know following the same training program for too long can start to feel repetitive, so switch up your Get Lean training with My HIIT Guide. Read more>