Recipe: Creamy Chicken Tomato Pasta

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(per serving) 509kcal / 45 P / 59 C / 10 F

I love this as a post-training meal! It’s high in protein and carbs to help refuel you after your workout. Something to note is the type of pasta you use will make huuuuge impact on the carb content of this meal. Some pastas have up to 90g of carbs per serving, if you need that many, go for it. I like to use this brand to keep the carb level more moderate.


  • 150g (raw weight) chicken breast

  • Olive oil spray (for pan)

  • 1 portion spiral pasta (63g - 2.2oz - raw weight)

  • 30g (1oz) Philadelphia Light cream cheese

  • 50g (1.7oz) Raw spinach

  • 1 Tomato, chopped

  • 12g (0.5oz) Parmesan cheese

  • Italian herbs mix

  • 1 tsp garlic paste

  • Pinch of red chilli flakes


  1. Put a pan on low heat and spray with cooking spray. Separately, bring a pot to the boil (for our pasta).

  2. When pan is warm add chopped chicken, and coat with Italian herb mix, garlic paste, and chilli flakes (you can do this in a bowl prior to adding it all to the pan if you prefer).

  3. Once one side of the chicken is cooked, flip it over and season the other side too.

  4. Once water in pot is boiling add pasta and allow it to cook to your preferred texture (I usually cook for around 12 mins).

  5. Remove the chicken from the pan and place in to a bowl on the side.

  6. Using the same pan, add light cream cheese, tomato, and spinach and allow the spinach to wilt down.

  7. Once everything is mixed well and spinach is wilted, add chicken back in.

  8. By now you should also be able to add your cooked pasta to the pan.

  9. Once the pasta is added in, put your parmesan on top, mix through whilst still on the stove.

  10. Remove and serve.